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Hear what people are saying about New Planet Beer. And yes, “New Planet Beer really tastes like beer!” We’d love to hear what you think. Send us you review and feel free to include a photo or video testimonial for the website. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest and greatest news and updates.

Customer Quotes-

Jeanne Says:

“Had some raspberry ale last night in Memphis Tn .. wonderful!! can’t wait to try the pale ale..”

Tanya Says:

“I had your beers when I was out in CO last summer. They just made it here to AR. Best gluten-free beer I’ve ever had, by far. Thanks! “

Robert Says:
“Just found some Amber ale here in Kansas…..amazing! Keep up the great work!”

Kirsten Says:

“While I’ve been enjoying your Raspberry Ale for a few years now, I just discovered your Belgian Ale at my local Cost Plus World Market. I wanted to cry from pure joy at the taste of it! New Planet, you’ve created another beer that is worthy of praise! PLEASE, never get rid of your Belgian Ale!!”

Heather Says:
“Had my first Belgian Ale… SO GOOD!!!! It may be my new favorite!”

Tony Says:

“The Blonde Ale is absolutely amazing! I have been gluten free for about a month and since then i have been on a quest to find gluten free beers. I am not a fan of the apple beers at all. I want my beer to taste like beer. New planet does just that! I am looking forward to trying the other ales. Right now, Blonde Ale and redbridge are tied for my favorite gluten free beers. Great job!”


Christina Says:

“Absolutely loved the Pale Ale! The worst thing for me about being gluten free is not having an amazing craft beer option. I used to drink a lot of craft beers, like Pale Ales, IPAs, and wheat beers. So when I realized I was gluten intolerant, I’ve been holding on to this hope of having my favorite craft beers again.
Last night I tried New Planet Pale Ale for the first time. Wow, so incredible! It was just like the “real” beers I used to drink! The aroma is fantastic, the flavor is amazing. This was truly an epic experience and from now on will be my go-to beer, even if I have to drive all over town to get it!”

David Says:

“I was a serious beer drinker, meaning I enjoyed tasting craft beers from around the country, for many years prior to my Celiac diagnosis. Then for many years I went without beer. About 5 or 6 years ago I was able to find beers such as Redbridge, and New Grist locally (Virginia Beach). Now that New Planet is available here I only drink New Planet (except for Greens Double Dark). That said I cannot not wait to try the New Planet Brown Ale. I appreciate New Planet’s efforts to not only make Gluten Free Beer but make beer that tastes great AND makes a variety of flavors. Your efforts are appreciated and to be commended.”

Ruben Says:

 “I really enjoy both New Planet’s Blonde & Amber! Excellent Gluten Free Beer!!”

Paul Says:

“You have the best gluten free beer on the PLANET! Heck…you have one of the best beers on the planet – gluten or not.”

I’m in Los Angeles and just had my first New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale.  All I can say is, OMG!  I’ve been gluten free for the last 5 years and it was like a new dawn when I had my first sip.  Truly amazing and delicious.  I called Bev Mo and held the remaining several 4 packs and will pick them up today.  Seriously, it was amazing and I can’t wait to share with several of my friends who are also cursed like me and have to drink gluten free beer.  Finally, a GF beer I can share with those who aren’t GF!  Please continue to ship your beer to Bev Mo in South Pasadena please.

~Scott McKee, Fan

As a celiac, I was blown away by the delicious, subtle sweetness and crisp finish. As an athlete, I knew that I had found my new favorite performance enhancer (beer is a muscle relaxant!). To be serious, a low-inflammation gluten-free diet is extremely advantageous to recovery and performance. With New Planet Beer, and the new friends I have made over a few (or a dozen!) ales, I now know what I will be drinking for the rest of my life. Thanks New Planet!
~ David Roche, Triathlete,

I especially liked that it was such a light tasting beer. Most beer has way too strong of a taste for my liking, but much to my delight, not New Planet’s 3R Raspberry Ale.
~Shirley Braden, Gluten Free Easily

The flavor of 3R Raspberry Ale is clean and crisp, and when enjoyed on the colder side, this beer is very refreshing, especially in the summer time. It’s fruity  without being too fruity. The beer is slightly sweet, as you might  expect from a beer with fresh fruit in it.
~Peter Bronski, No Gluten, No Problem

I found 3R Raspberry Ale very refreshing and balanced, with just the right amount of raspberry flavor.
~Aubrey Laurence, Special Features Coordinator, Daily Camera

New Planet brews gluten-free beer and fantastic ones at that. Their Tread Lightly Ale was balanced, light, and bright with some crisp green apple notes. I loved it and would drink it regularly, even though I’m not going gluten-free.
~Kristin Mastre,

Out of all the gluten-free beers, New Planet Beer is definitely my favorite and I’m looking forward to their darker beers coming out later.
~Drew Carroll, Boulder Celiac Group Member

After I went to Chiropractic College I developed a pretty bad gluten allergy. After I cleared that up and realized how extensively it affects people, I started looking to gluten-free beers. I got into the Green Line, a good line of beer, and then I found New Planet Beer and it’s been one of my favorites and I really hope they can mimic something close to 90 Schilling or something close to Guinness…
~Ian Holloman, Boulder Celiac Group Member

New Planet Beer is fantastic and I’m so excited to see it in a lot of restaurants, a lot of stores and our members are really excited!
~Tiffany Jackobowski, Chairwoman / Boulder County Celiacs

We are now proudly serving New Planet Beer’s Tread Lightly Ale. It’s for our customers who actually want their gluten-free beer to have some flavor. Plus you’re supporting a local microbrew.
~Atomic Cowboy / Fat Sully’s Pizza

New Planet Beer is so much better than Red Bridge in my opinion- nothing against the company but it leaves an after bitter taste in my mouth- unlike New Planet Beer…..yummy! Back in MN you can’t get New Planet Beer, so when I recently moved to Colorado I fell in love with it— bye bye Red Bridge.
~Darcy Gautsch

Just tried the beer a couple days ago, and we have found a new beer! My boyfriend has ditched New Grist for it, and I’m gonna drink New Planet Beer now instead of Bards! I can’t wait until the 3R Raspberry Ale and other flavors come out!
~From a happy gluten-free beer drinker, Amber Garcia

New Planet Beer’s Tread Lightly Ale is fantastic, I had it last night…best gluten-free beer I have tasted yet.
~Amy Leiter

Training for Ironman distance triathlons is a major commitment of time and effort. You want to ensure that all that work has its maximum positive effect, and nutrition is a big part of the process. Taking in the right kind of food and beverage helps fuel your workouts and your recovery periods. New Planet Beer has filled a big gap—providing beer that tastes wonderful and avoids gluten that can hamper absorption and impede post-workout recovery. A lot of professional triathletes are moving away from gluten on the precautionary principle, and because they just feel lighter and faster without it. Now they can enjoy the cold one at the end of a hard workout, thanks to New Planet Beer.
~Will Murray, Triathlete


  1. Steve says:

    Hi, Are “Tread Lightly” and “Seclusion” considered safe for celiacs? I bought a sixer of Seclusion thinking it was a new GF offering from your company but when I got it home I realized it was made from regular beer ingredients. I was too scared to drink it so I gave it away. Just wondering if you’ve done any personal testing and what the response has been from the celiac community. Personally I feel like you’re muddying the waters in moving away from your core product of truly gluten free beer, but if you’re confident these beers are safe for those that seek truly GF products (i.e. celiacs/ your main customers) I stand corrected. Thanks!

    • GFbeer says:

      Hi Steve,

      New Planet sells two lines of beer–gluten free and gluten reduced. They are appropriately labeled. We label each pack carrier and the individual units (cans or bottles) and they are produced in accordance with TTB, FDA, and GIG standards. You will be able to make a correct choice by just looking at the beers.

      To be clear Steve, there are FAR more people eating a gluten free lifestyle that are NOT Celiac than that are. So for those of us who ARE Celiac, we have to be a bit more careful what we purchase. We are not doctors so we do not make recommendations on what someone should or shouldn’t drink, there are Celiac’s that drink our gluten reduced beers but we would never recommend that, it is at your own discretion.

      It sounds like you are looking for a New Planet gluten free beer. What state are you in? Please see our beer locator.

      Thank you.

  2. Jill says:

    Hi, we purchaed the Blonde Ale tonight, and there is no foam, and it fizzed down faster than a soda. Taste like a soda consistency too, but like an apple soda. Is this normal? I love what you guys are doing and want to support local Colorado companies, but not sure about this one :/ Does not really taste like a beer?? Thank you!

    • GFBeer says:

      Hi Jill,

      If you will send us your address, we will be happy to send you a replacement from a fresh batch. All beers will tend to do what happened to you when they get old (though not real sure about the apple soda part, that’s odd) so we are very sorry for that experience and want to make it right.

  3. Noelle says:

    As a “beer girl” my entire life and post college an emphatic wheat beer fan, you can imagine the disappointment when I was diagnosed with celiac a year ago. Luckily I lived in CO and found that there were a good amount of options available, however none of them good enough to enjoy and sacrifice the calories. So as all the other GF folks above, I was thrilled when I tasted my 1st New Planet, then my 2nd and just this week had your raspberry ale! Delish! Even my non GF friends were impressed. Nice work. Keep it up.

  4. Delia White says:

    Since I’ve been gluten free for 24 years, I never quite found a beer that tasted, well, like beer. New Planet has completed changed my opinion. I have sampled all of your gf beers and love, love, love them. I no longer crave anything from before going gf. Thank you and keep up the fabulous work.

  5. Blake Raines says:

    I recently have been diagnosed with celiac disease. It was hard to get used to the new diet but the hardest part was thinking to myself no more beer. Thank you so much for producing a great tasting, gluten free beer! I love it!
    -Blake Raines

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