New Planet FAQs


Where can I find New Planet Beer?

  • We should be available in most major liquor stores and many local restaurants in the United States and Canada.  Locate us here. If you can’t find us in your favorite store, send us an email – – and tell us where you would like us to be available, and we will follow up.

How does New Planet Beer brew gluten-free beer?

  • We use certified gluten-free ingredients and we follow strict procedures within the brewery to avoid any contamination. Learn more about Gluten-Free brewing.

Do you have a brewery that we can visit?

  •  We do not have a traditional brewery that you can visit. We contract brew our beer with local breweries who are expert craft brewers. BUT we do have a small “Nano-Brewery” and tasting room located in Boulder. Information and hours are available HERE.

Are your beers guaranteed gluten-free?

  • Yes, each and every batch is tested for gluten at Microbac Laboratories in Boulder, CO. We use the industry standard Elisa Testing.

Are you planning additional styles of gluten-free beer?

  • We’re always brainstorming new flavors; tell us what gluten-free beer you want to see next by emailing us at

What states are you sold in?

  • New Planet Beer is currently in 46 states and select provinces in Canada. Please see our beer locator feature to find our products at your closest liquor store or restaurant.

Do you sell in Kegs?

  • We have a Colorado ONLY specialty keg program. At this time we do not have kegs available for national distribution, but we hope to in the near future. Any Colorado keg inquires can be sent to .

What are the names of New Planet’s beers?

Why is your beer available in 4 packs in some states and 6 packs in others?

  • It’s cost prohibitive for us to be in 6 packs in some states due to excise taxes, shipping and ingredient costs.

How can we find out about events New Planet Beer will participate in?