Pale Ale

Bold and hoppy ale with rich citrus notes and a distinct finish.

New Planet Pale Ale

Ingredients Water, millet, gluten-free oats, maize (non-gmo blue corn), Belgian candy syrup, Demerara sugar, hops and yeast.
Hops Cascade, Sterling
ABV 5.3%
IBU 35
Food Pairings The hop bitterness contrasts with spicy, heat-charred, smoky, or aromatic flavors. Try: blue cheese, barbeque, seafood, or Asian-spiced dishes.
2011 Craft Lager & Small Batch Festival: Gold Medal

2012 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition: Gold Medal

2012 Craft Lager & Small Batch Festival: Silver Medal

2013 Denver International Beer Competition: Gold Medal

Read about what our customers are saying about Pale Ale:

I just received the samples of the new Pale Ale. It’s fantastic! I’m truly impressed, you guys did a great job with the flavor! OUTSTANDING! No one would ever know it’s gluten free. ~ Daniel Ettinger, Denver, CO

I was lucky enough to drop into the Whole Foods in Phoenix by chance while traveling through. I picked up some of your Pale Ale. It is the best gluten-free beer I’ve tasted so far and I’ve tasted all US, Canada, and some European ones. ~ Barry Hudson

I just had the opportunity to sample your latest offering, Pale Ale, and it is everything I heard it would be and more. As a recently diagnosed Celiac who used to brew his own beer, I can tell you that you have hit a home run with your Pale Ale. If one does not know better, one would swear that this is not only a GREAT tasting pale ale but certainly NOT gluten free. I hope you have enough capacity to keep the shelves stocked because this one is a winner. ~ William Pufahl, Chicago, IL


  1. Lucy Humes says:

    As a newly diagnosed celiac who loved Stouts and Dark brews, I was so pleased to find your beer. The others I tried tasted like water.
    Keep up the good work!
    Thank you!

  2. This has been the best gluten free beer I’ve ever had! It tastes like a normal beer but doesn’t irritate my sinuses. Trying the Amber tonight.

  3. Christina P says:

    Absolutely loved the Pale Ale! The worst thing for me about being gluten free is not having an amazing craft beer option. I used to drink a lot of craft beers, like Pale Ales, IPAs, and wheat beers. So when I realized I was gluten intolerant, I’ve been holding on to this hope of having my favorite craft beers again.

    Last night I tried New Planet Pale Ale for the first time. Wow, so incredible! It was just like the “real” beers I used to drink! The aroma is fantastic, the flavor is amazing. This was truly an epic experience and from now on will be my go-to beer, even if I have to drive all over town to get it!

  4. Do you have any plans for a IPA I can’t wait for a good west coast style IPA.
    P.S. if you do send an extra container to NJ.

    • GFBeer says:

      We are are always working to push the gluten-free beer frontier. Our goals is to produce a 100% gluten Free IPA at some stage. Not date as yet, but we will definitely update as we get closer.

  5. Chris says:

    Hello just curious if the caramel color ingredient is completely natural. I see the made from corn but just want to make sure there’s nothing artificial.

    • GFBeer says:

      All natural color, derived from trace amounts of corn. We are proud to say that our beer are are made with all-natural ingredients. 🙂

  6. Mary says:

    I really like your beer, unfortunately, I just read that you use corn to make the caramel color. Do you use non-gmo corn? I assume not, so unfortunately, I will not drink your beer again, until it no longer conains GMO corn.

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