Pale Ale

Bold and hoppy ale with rich citrus notes and a distinct finish.

New Planet Pale Ale

Ingredients Water, millet, gluten-free oats, maize (non-gmo blue corn), Belgian candy syrup, Demerara sugar, hops and yeast.
Hops Cascade, Sterling
ABV 5.3%
IBU 35
Food Pairings The hop bitterness contrasts with spicy, heat-charred, smoky, or aromatic flavors. Try: blue cheese, barbeque, seafood, or Asian-spiced dishes.
2011 Craft Lager & Small Batch Festival: Gold Medal

2012 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition: Gold Medal

2012 Craft Lager & Small Batch Festival: Silver Medal

2013 Denver International Beer Competition: Gold Medal

Read about what our customers are saying about Pale Ale:

I just received the samples of the new Pale Ale. It’s fantastic! I’m truly impressed, you guys did a great job with the flavor! OUTSTANDING! No one would ever know it’s gluten free. ~ Daniel Ettinger, Denver, CO

I was lucky enough to drop into the Whole Foods in Phoenix by chance while traveling through. I picked up some of your Pale Ale. It is the best gluten-free beer I’ve tasted so far and I’ve tasted all US, Canada, and some European ones. ~ Barry Hudson

I just had the opportunity to sample your latest offering, Pale Ale, and it is everything I heard it would be and more. As a recently diagnosed Celiac who used to brew his own beer, I can tell you that you have hit a home run with your Pale Ale. If one does not know better, one would swear that this is not only a GREAT tasting pale ale but certainly NOT gluten free. I hope you have enough capacity to keep the shelves stocked because this one is a winner. ~ William Pufahl, Chicago, IL


  1. GFbeer says:

    Keep watching Andrew, it will be back soon if it isn’t already. 🙂

  2. Andrew R. says:

    Love this beer, consider it one of the best GF options, but it seems to have disappeared from all stores in my area (Colorado Springs) over the last few months. I hope it hasn’t been discontinued.

  3. GFbeer says:

    All our beers are GMO free. Please refer to the list of ingredients in our website beer section for specifics on the beer you are inquiring about. All of our grains are naturally GMO free except for the corn. The corn has to be sourced separately and we are now using a family farm GMO free blue maize corn which is certified.

  4. Jane Gre says:

    Do you have a non gmo gluten free beer?

  5. GFbeer says:


    I am glad you found us. Thank you for your kind words.

  6. Lucy Humes says:

    As a newly diagnosed celiac who loved Stouts and Dark brews, I was so pleased to find your beer. The others I tried tasted like water.
    Keep up the good work!
    Thank you!

  7. This has been the best gluten free beer I’ve ever had! It tastes like a normal beer but doesn’t irritate my sinuses. Trying the Amber tonight.

  8. Christina P says:

    Absolutely loved the Pale Ale! The worst thing for me about being gluten free is not having an amazing craft beer option. I used to drink a lot of craft beers, like Pale Ales, IPAs, and wheat beers. So when I realized I was gluten intolerant, I’ve been holding on to this hope of having my favorite craft beers again.

    Last night I tried New Planet Pale Ale for the first time. Wow, so incredible! It was just like the “real” beers I used to drink! The aroma is fantastic, the flavor is amazing. This was truly an epic experience and from now on will be my go-to beer, even if I have to drive all over town to get it!

  9. GFBeer says:

    We are are always working to push the gluten-free beer frontier. Our goals is to produce a 100% gluten Free IPA at some stage. Not date as yet, but we will definitely update as we get closer.

  10. Do you have any plans for a IPA I can’t wait for a good west coast style IPA.
    P.S. if you do send an extra container to NJ.

  11. GFBeer says:

    All natural color, derived from trace amounts of corn. We are proud to say that our beer are are made with all-natural ingredients. 🙂

  12. Chris says:

    Hello just curious if the caramel color ingredient is completely natural. I see the made from corn but just want to make sure there’s nothing artificial.

  13. joanne says:


  14. GFBeer says:

    We are considering taking out the Caramel Color in Off Grid. We are coming out with 2 new beers that won’t have any corn including caramel color.

  15. Mary says:

    I really like your beer, unfortunately, I just read that you use corn to make the caramel color. Do you use non-gmo corn? I assume not, so unfortunately, I will not drink your beer again, until it no longer conains GMO corn.