Raspberry Ale

This delightfully drinkable ale offers a crisp, yet complex, balance of subtle fruit flavor and aroma with a zesty, citrusy finish. Brewed with natural raspberry puree and orange peel.

Gluten Free Raspberry Ale beer



Ingredients Sorghum, Brown Rice, Natural Raspberry Puree, Orange Peel, Yucca Extract, Hops, and Yeast
Hops Sterling
ABV 5.0%
IBU 15
Food Pairings Best paired with foods driven by herbs and spices, especially fruity elements. Try: light, white meats like chicken or pork, especially when prepared with a fruit glaze; salads with fruit-based dressings; desserts such as chiffon cakes, soufflés, or dark chocolate.
2010 Great American Beer Festival: Bronze Medal (Gluten-Free Category)

2011 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition: Gold Medal

2011 Craft Lager & Small Batch Festival: Silver Medal

2012 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition: Silver Medal

2012 Craft Lager & Small Batch Festival: Gold Medal

2013 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition: Gold Medal

2014 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition: Gold Medal

Read about what our customers are saying about Raspberry Ale:

The flavor is clean and crisp, and when enjoyed on the colder side, this beer is very refreshing, especially in the summer time. It’s fruity without being too fruity. The beer is slightly sweet, as you might expect from a beer with fresh fruit in it. ~Peter Bronski- No Gluten, No Problem

I found it very refreshing and balanced, with just the right amount of raspberry flavor. ~Aubrey Laurence – Special Features Coordinator, Boulder Daily Camera


  1. GFbeer says:

    A beer in general will keep better at refrigerated temperatures. What I mean by that is the flavor and aroma profile will be closer to when it was first bottled. For example, with age a beer can take on some oxidative notes like sherry and/or cardboard. This can complement the beer by adding a layer of complexity or can come through as an off flavor or aroma.

    That said, I recently tried one of our Raspberry Ales that was stored at room temperature for over 3 years that was fantastic.

  2. I just received a 6 pack of this beer as a gift. I note it says keep refrigerated but the beer I have was stored at a room temperature of about 80F. Is it a problem that it has not been refrigerated?

  3. GFbeer says:

    Hi Ali,

    Utah is a unique state for alcohol. You can special order our beers in Utah at the state store. We have shipped to them many times after having long conversations with the state alcohol board about the most efficient way to be available in the state.

  4. Ali says:

    Is there any way to get beer delivered from across state lines? I live in Utah and can’t seem to find this beer anywhere, but I love it! Thanks!

  5. GFbeer says:

    Hi Urbanette,

    Our ingredients are not organic or GMO free at this time but it is something we are looking into and considering. We try to use the best and cleanest sources we can but there is a big price difference for ingredients when you step up to organic as well as an issue with consistent quantity and supply. Thank you for the question, it does help us gauge demand. 🙂

  6. urbanette says:

    Are any of your ingredients organic, or GMO?

  7. GFBeer says:

    Hi Debddjr,

    Thank you for your comment and glad you found this a good drinkable ‘better than beer’ option. 🙂

  8. debddjr says:

    Very dry. Sour better than beer but definitely not a cider

  9. GFBeer says:

    As of the end of 2013, we have removed all corn-based products from our recipes. The beers now have a much cleaner and crisper taste profile. We have not received any feedback regarding additional bitterness, but please email info@newplanetbeer.com with the date and location of your purchase, so we can investigate. Cheers.

  10. Susana says:

    Did you change the formula for the New Planet Raspberry ale ??? Last summer, I have a lot of them because it was my favorite GF beer. But this summer, your Raspberry ale does not taste the same. It has some bitter flavor.

  11. GFBeer says:

    Not at this time, though we are available in BC and the Border state of the US.

  12. Sheena says:

    Do you sell this beer in or around Edmonton Alberta, Canada? Thanks so much

  13. outlook says:

    Thank you! Very good article!