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New Planet Beer Media Mentions: Complete Listing

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June 2014: The Examiner “6 Must Try GF Beers, This summer”

May 2014: The Ktchn “YES! 6 Gluten-Free Beers That Don’t Suck.”

May 2014: Daily Camera – “New Planet Beer to Open Tap Room at Boulder NanoBrewery”

May 2014: Summit Daily – “POWDER KEG -Brewing Industry Responds to Call for GF Beer”

April 2014: HUFF Post – “5 Gluten-Free Beers That Actually Taste Good

January 2014: –  “6 Gluten-Free Beers That Don’t Suck

October 2013: Washington Post –  “Where to find gluten-free beer”

August 2013: The Plain Dealer – “Gluten-free options growing for beer-drinking CD Sufferers”

August 2013: – “Gluten-Free Beer”

August 2013: – “A Growing Gluten-Free Beer Category”

July 2013: Men’s Fitness – “Gluten-Free Beers You’ve Gotta Try”

June 2013: USA Today –  “10 ‘Healthy’ Beers”

April 2013: Organic Authority –We’ll Drink to That: Gluten-Free Beer That is Also GMO Free

March 2013: Udi’s – “Never Fear, Gluten-Free Beer Is Here!”

March, 2013:  Craft Brewing Business – “Start to Finish.”

February 2013: Bon Appettit – “10 Gluten-Free Beers That Actually Taste Good”

February 2013: NPR –“A Quest For Real Beer Without Gluten”

October/November 2012: Rocky Mountain Brewing News “Give Up or Go With the Growing Gluten Free Options”

October 26, 2012: Boulder County Business Report “6 Local Craft Brewers Toasted at Fest”

October 15, 2012: Boulder Daily Camera “New Planet Beer Extends Agreement with Fort Collins Brewer”

October 14, 2012: Denver Business Journal “Colorado Breweries honored at GABF”

October 2012: Modern Brewery Age “New Planet Gluten-free Beer” page 8.

October 2012: Draft Magazine, “Sixer: Gluten-free beers

October 11, 2012: Boulder Weekly Tidbites “Find Your Gluten-Free Fix”

October 1, 2012: San Francisco Chronicle “The Search for Gluten-Free Beer is Over”

October 2012: Channel ABC 15: “Gluten Free Foodie Tour” in AZ.

October 2012: Women’s Health Magazine, “New Planet Tread Lightly Ale Beer”.

September 2012: “Times Union” New Planet’s Tread Lightly Ale Featured.

September 27, 2012: “New Planet Beer Company Partners with Find Me Gluten Free”.

September 27, 2012: Philly Burb “Find Me Gluten Free Beer app adds beer to directory”

September 25, 2012: Vail Daily “Gluten Free Starts with Gluten Wise”

June/July 2012: Living Without: “Gluten Free Brewing Bonanza”

June 2012: Brewing Bonaza, “Are de-glutenized beers truly rendered gluten-free by new manufacturing processes?” PDF upon request.May 2012: WCIU Talk Show, Summer beer review including New Planet Beer

April 2012: Denver Life Magazine, Colorado’s Most Hoppin’ Beers. PDF upon request.

May 2012: The Washington Post Newspaper, “Intoxicating options for the gluten-intolerant.”

May 2012: Paste Magazine, “most comprehensive gluten-free-beer tasting”

March 2012: Easy Eats, “The conclusion: there’s a little something for everyone from New Planet.”

January 2012: International Business Times, “Gluten-Free Beer Company New Planet Taps Into Rapidly Expanding Market”January 2012:, Brew Guide

November 2011: Men’s Health, “Here are eight of the best options we’ve found.”

November 2011: All About Beer Magazine, “I’m old enough to remember when gluten-free beers were dreadful, truly awful things. This is not!”

October 2011: American Airlines, “But now, thanks to a variety of (tasty) gluten-free options, you can be cracking open an ice-cod beer with your pals in no time.”

October 2011: The MetroWest Daily News, “It’s a very personal experience to be able to enjoy a product that you haven’t been able to enjoy for a long time because for the longest time there wasn’t anything out there.”

October 2011: Daily Camera, “The Camera recently spoke to Gonzalez about his business.”

July 2011: HeraldNet, “People are becoming more knowledgeable of the symptoms in which gluten can cause on one’s health.”

May 2011:, Brewing Success: “We wanted to share our brew. I began selling it out of my truck. That was how we started New Planet.”

April 2011: On the Menu..Live! with Matt Russell, Founders Pedro and Seneca were interviewed on air about New Planet Beer with a live beer tasting.

April 2011: The Denver Post, “New Planet is expanding its gluten-free lineup with Off Grid Pale Ale, made with sorghum and brown rice extract.”

March 2011: The Denver Post, “Pedro Gonzalez, co-founder of gluten-free beer company New Planet Beer, said he’s eager to see if the brewers his company works with can find a recipe that appeals to customers the way some millet-based imports do.”

March 2011: Forbes, “Colorado agriculture officials are turning to brewers to see if they can help boost the state’s sales of millet, a cereal grain that so far is a sliver of the nation’s food industry.”

March 2011: Daily Camera, “New Planet’s beer lineup eschews wheat and barley, wins accolades.”

March 2011: Draft Magazine, “Pop open a bottle and you’re immediately greeted by a robust hop-forward aroma.”

February 2011: Colorado Springs Independent, “Gluten-free Boulder brewery New Planet Beerreleased a new beer this month called Off Grid Pale Ale”

February 2011:, “New Planet Beer Off Grid Pale Ale Just Released”

October 2010: The Denver Post, “But try finding a brew made without barley or wheat. Not so easy, is it?”

August 2010: The Daily Camera, “There’s a berry in my beer: 3 produce-stand beers that rise above the crowd”

July 2010: The Daily Camera, “Local breweries bursting with new beer and greater quantities of it”

June 2010: The Boulder County Business Report, “Gluten-free beer”

June 2010: The Daily Camera, “Happy hour without the gluten: no need to miss out on Boulder’s favorite time to socialize”

June 2010: The Coloradoan,“Fort Collins Brewery expands contract brewing with Boulder brewer”

June 2010: The Denver Post, “Drink Up: Tread Lightly Ale by New Planet Beer Co.”

June 2010: Gadgets for Dear Old Dad, “This is described as old-style beer for new-style beer drinkers. It is brewed right here in Colorado by New Planet and it is gluten-free.”

May 2010: 5280 Magazine. Six-Pack of the Week: Tread Lightly Ale, “New Planet Beer, a two-year-old company based in Boulder, has accomplished the feat, with a unique recipe utilizing corn and sorghum.

May 2010: Daily Camera “Boulder’s Beers”

May 2010: Boulder Weekly “Food happenings around town: Gluten-free beer”

April 2010: Boulder County Business Report “Gluten-free beer expands distribution.”

November 2009: Daily Camera “Gluten-free beer: New Boulder suds- sans wheat.”

September 2013: Great Brewers: “New Planet Brown Ale”August 2013: Napa of Beer: “A New Taste in Beer: New Planet’s Take on GF Beer”

June 2013: Gluten Dude: “The Gluten-Free Beer Wars: Health Vs Profit”

May 2013: Sharing Gluten Free Recipes: “Gluten Free Raspberry Beer Chicken”

December 2012: Gluten Dude: “How to Pack for a Gluten-Free Vacation”

December 2012: Gluten Free For Men: “New Planet Beer Sets the Bar for GF Brew”

October 2012: Fermentally Challenged “New Planet Beer”

October 12, 2012: The Full Pint: “Gluten Free Brewer New Planet Beer Expands Operations”.

October 13, 2012: TMR Zoo – Men’s Entertainment Devolved “New Planet Beer Company Expands to Keep Up with National Demand”

October 2, 2012: The “New Planet Beer Company’s Tread Lightly Ale”

October 2012: My Gluten Free Lifestyle “NFCA Appetite for Awareness”

August 2012: Andrew Cordova’s We Are Gluten Free. com “New Planet Beer Review You Tube Video”

August 10, 2012: The Examiner: “Cheers to Gluten-Free Beer from New Planet”

July 26, 2012: 365 Gluten Free “New Planet Beer 3R Raspberry BEER Cake”

July 2012: Gluten Dude “Gluten Free Beer: A New Era”

July 2012: Gluten Free With Kimberly, “New Planet Beers are the perfect way to refresh your spirit and invigorate the planet!”May 2012: No Gluten, No Problem, “gluten-free brew held its own against a panel of barley beers”

April 2012: The Glutenator, “New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale has been by favorite.”

March 2012: Progressive Nectar, “A delicious Blonde Ale from Boulder, Colorado.”

March, 2012: Happy Mothering, “They all taste really great. I normally don’t like Pale Ale, but I was happy with the Off Grid Pale Ale.”

March, 2012: My Soul’s Role, “Now that sounds like my kind of company!”

April, 2012: Applejack Wine & Spirits Blog, “New Planet is my go to everyday sipping brew.”

January 2012: More on Gluten-Free Beers, The Gluten Free Voice with Jules

December 2011: Celiac Corner, “My favorite of the three beers is the Off Grid Pale Ale.”

October 2011: Gluten-Free Chicano, “Recently a miracle of marketing savvy has brought a small wave of gluten-free beers to market.”

September 2011: No Gluten, No Problem, Featured Sponsor: New Planet Gluten-Free Beer.

August 2011: Gluten Free Mike, “Love at first sip.”

July 2011: Every Other Thursday, “New Planet should be extremely proud of all their beers yet to me this (Off Grid Pale Ale) takes the crown as their best.”

June 2011: Gluten-Free is Life, “What I love about New Planet is the variety so that there is something for everyone!”

June 2011: Sustainable Ken, “The 3R Raspberry is refreshing with a hint of raspberry and if you like a darker beer with a bold taste, then the Off Grid Pale Ale is for you.”

May 2011:, “Looking for a decent gluten-free beer? Here are five to try.”

April 2011:, “I never considered myself much of a beer drinker until I had to go on a gluten free diet, and it wasn’t until that moment then that I realized how many beer choices I once had.”

March 2011: CraftBeer, “After some trial and error, they settled on a recipe that would become Tread Lightly Ale.”

March 2011: The Gluten Free Lab, “Their lives were never the same. Why? Because they discovered New Planet Gluten Free Beer.”

February 2011: Gluten Free Appetite, “But if you can get your hands on Off Grid Pale Ale, I definitely recommend it. Tastes pretty much like the “real” deal.”

February 2011: Beeradvocate, “New Planet Beer Launches Third Craft Gluten-Free Beer – Off Grid Pale Ale”

February 2011: GlutenFreePDX, “It’s definitely not everyday that you come across a Gluten-Free beer company that you’ve never heard of before!”

January 2011: Gluten Hates Me, “The 3R Raspberry is smooth, clean but with a hint of fruitiness. Just the tiniest bit of fruit flavor with only a bit of sweetness. SUPER REFRESHING! Love it!”

December 2010: TriplePundit (People, Planet, Profit), “While you are relaxing and enjoying a smooth brew, you can feel better knowing your drink didn’t harm the environment and you can even support a cause.”

November 2010: –Green’ Beer for the Holidays, “Businesses like New Planet Brewing Company make having a beer environmentally friendly.”

October 2010: A Happy Gluten-Free Website, “New Planet Beer Company makes Good Gluten Free Brew”

June 2010: No Gluten, No Problem, “The Great Gluten-Free Blind Beer Tasting”

June/July 2010: Living Without Limits. “Beer taste, selection, availability. Three cheers for gluten-free beer“

March 2010: Elephant Journal “Gluten-Free beer that tastes Gluten-free-free. I give it an 11. It’s great with little sandwiches.”

February 2010:The Story Behind the Beer: An interview with the New Planet Beer founders on the Youtube: Gluten Free Channel.