You have the best gluten free beer on the PLANET! Heck…you have one of the best beers on the planet – gluten or not.

~Paul Arens, Fan

I’m in Los Angeles and just had my first New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale.  All I can say is, OMG!  I’ve been gluten free for the last 5 years and it was like a new dawn when I had my first sip.  Truly amazing and delicious.  I called Bev Mo and held the remaining several 4 packs and will pick them up today.  Seriously, it was amazing and I can’t wait to share with several of my friends who are also cursed like me and have to drink gluten free beer.  Finally, a GF beer I can share with those who aren’t GF!  Please continue to ship your beer to Bev Mo in South Pasadena please.

~Scott McKee, Fan

The flavor of 3R Raspberry is clean and crisp, and when enjoyed on the colder side, this beer is very refreshing, especially in the summer time. It’s fruity without being too fruity. The beer is slightly sweet, as you might expect from a beer with fresh fruit in it.

~Peter Bronski, Blogger of No Gluten, No Problem

I found 3R Raspberry very refreshing and balanced, with just the right amount of raspberry flavor.

~Aubrey Laurence, Special Features Coordinator, Daily Camera

New Planet brews gluten-free beer and fantastic ones at that. Their Tread Lightly Ale was balanced, light, and bright with some crisp green apple notes. I loved it and would drink it regularly, even though I’m not going gluten-free.

~Kristin Mastre,

New Planet beer is fantastic and I’m so excited to see it in a lot of restaurants, a lot of stores and our members are really excited!

~Tiffany Jackobowski, Chairwoman / Boulder County Celiacs

A lot of professional triathletes are moving away from gluten on the precautionary principle, and because they just feel lighter and faster without it. Now they can enjoy the cold one at the end of a hard workout, thanks to New Planet Beer.

~Will Murray, Triathlete