New Planet Beer is now being brewed in the new Fort Collins Brewery.

Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) just opened their new state-of-the-art brewery, restaurant and shops. This exciting facility is located on the northwest corner of Lemay and Vine in Fort Collins, CO. A visit is worth scheduling, as this is one of the most innovative brew houses today.

FCB moved its existing 15 barrel brew house over to the new digs, but will be supplementing greater production with the latest in automated 50 barrel systems in the near future. Since New Planet Beer will now be brewed in this larger capacity facility, we can ensure an endless supply of gluten-free beer.

The new brewery also utilizes the most current thinking in sustainable, green technologies. FCB is most proud of their water waste system which is not connected to a public sewer, but rather recycles waste water on to farmlands. This is very much in-line with New Planet Beers efforts to strive to reduce environmental impact so we thankful that Fort Collins Brewery has taken extra steps in making this happen.

New Planet Beer will have the honor of being available in the new restaurant and on tap in the tasting room, so all of you who are eager to visit a brewery with a great tasting gluten-free beer, Fort Collins Brewery is the place to go.

Check out these videos and be one of the first to see the new Fort Collins Brewery and New Planet Beer coming of the production line…and soon to a store near you.

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    How cool! My husband is a “celiac” and is delighted that CO. now has a GF brewery. Tell us about the restaurant please. How wonderful if it would be totally GF and just think how fantastic it would be to have a GF bakery for purchase of items to go! There should be lots of folks who are “celiacs” from the Ft. C., Boulder, and greater Denver area.

    • GFBeer
      GFBeer says:

      We hope to be in California this summer. We are also working on the ability to buy it online. We want you to drink great tasting gluten-free beer!

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