Our Company

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Everyone should be able to enjoy a great beer. When our founder, Pedro Gonzalez, first discovered he was Celiac, he thought his craft beer drinking days were over. What started as a personal quest quickly turned into the launch of New Planet – a business founded on brewing great tasting gluten-free beer that is crafted for you.

New Planet represents a new frontier in gluten-free beer. It’s unlike most gluten-free beers that are available today. Unrivaled in flavor, quality, taste and care…everything a crafted beer should be.

The brand is grounded on what’s good for the earth and for the individual, and is about discovering something better. That’s why New Planet is dedicated to donating a portion of their proceeds to help make the planet better for all of us.

Our Mission

  • Our purpose is to help everyone celebrate life with a great tasting beer and to do good things for the planet.
  • Our guaranteed gluten-free beers are locally crafted from brewers who bring you great quality and flavor found in small batches.
  • We’re a Colorado based, family and friend owned and operated company and we donate a portion of the proceeds to help our planet.