Blonde Ale

Light and refreshing, our Blonde Ale – Formerly known as Tread Lightly Ale – offers bright notes of honey and a subtle floral aroma with a crisp clean finish.

Blonde Ale - Refreshing smooth gluten free beer

Ingredients: Sorghum, Brown Rice,  Orange Peel, Hops, and Yeast.

Hops: Cascade

ABV: 6.0%

IBU: 15

Serving Temperature: 40-45 F

Awards: World Beer Championships 2012, Gold/90 pts

Suggested Pairings: Lighter foods pair best with the Blonde Ale given it’s more straight forward taste profile. Try..

  • Montery Jack cheese or similar light, nutty cheese

  • Grilled chicken, salmon or bratwurst

  • Fish or shrimp tacos

  • Something with citrus in it as the orange peel will accent those flavors


Read about what our customers are saying about the Blonde Ale:

Just tried the beer a couple days ago, and we have found a new beer!!! My boyfriend has ditched New Grist for it, and I’m gonna drink New Planet now instead of Bards!!! I can’t wait until the raspberry and other flavors come out! ~ Amber Garcia, Lafayette, CO

Gluten-free beer that tastes Gluten-free-free. I give it an 11. Honest to god, I get lucky, sometimes. When I was a child I managed to watch Spinal Tap without anyone having told me it was fake. And I recently managed to drink down a couple New Planet Beers before reading the label or box and realizing they were gluten-free. So, in a blind taste test, I can personally attest to New Planet Beer being not only healthful and micro/local, but just about as good as any “real” conventional beer—and way healthier. ~