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When New Planet’s founder first discovered he was Celiac, he thought his craft beer drinking days were over. What started out as a personal quest quickly turned into the launch of New Planet Brewery. Established in 2009, New Planet headquartered its brewing operations and Tap Room in Boulder, CO. With a view of the Boulder Flatirons in the company’s backyard, it’s hard not to be inspired to make great beer.

Initially, New Planet distinguished itself by producing great-tasting 100% gluten-free beer. But as an ever-increasing percent of the population find themselves sensitive to gluten, the brewery wanted to be relevant to everyone who needs to consume less or no gluten. This led to production of a new line of beers that have been brewed with traditional ingredients, but specially crafted to remove gluten.

Steadfastly at the forefront of the gluten-free revolution, New Planet vows to make the world a better place for all people who want to enjoy a great beer.



  1. Chad says:

    Do you have any plans to combine your GF beers with a GF restaurant?

    • GFbeer says:

      We love the idea of our beers being available in gluten free restaurants. Ask your favorite gluten free restaurant to carry our beers and they can get with their local distributor.

  2. Paul Landry says:

    Any plans to have your products to be distributed in the New Orleans area?

  3. jaimc says:

    Found the blonde at Hazels in Boulder, CO. Best gluten free beer I have had to date. Med condition keeps me from beer and it’s the thing I miss the very most… and now I no longer have to! I am going over to brewery next weekend to taste the other flavors. Its a little absurd how pumped I am about this.

  4. Jackie says:

    Thanks for being at the GF Fair at the Denver Mart! I was able to try all the beers and I found 2 that I really like that are completely gluten free. It seems that I guessed wrong the last time I tried your beer. I was able to enjoy a couple beers this weekend, THANKS! My husband and I plan to try your tasting room sometime. I am very curious to try millet beer, its amazing what millet does to bread. I would love to try the gluten removed Oatmeal Stout, that would be worth taking a chance on!! I am not a Celiac but sometimes Omission bloats me right away. Thanks again for what you do!

    • GFbeer says:

      Hi Jackie,

      We are so very glad you found us at the Denver Mart and gave us another shot. We have a very different tastes that we like which is why there are so many different kinds of beer. We are pleased you found two that you like. We expect you to find more you like as well and look forward to seeing you in the tasting room. 🙂

  5. Nikki Stroppel says:

    Is your brewer Pedro Gonzalez? I am just trying to update our website here at Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorad.

    Thank you and Cheers
    Nikki Stroppel-Shaw

  6. anne basden says:

    Really like your Blonde Ale! Can you tell me about the corn that you use in your beer? In regards to GMO. thanks

    • GFBeer says:

      Due to the fact we cannot certify our corn as GMO Free, we are currently removing corn from the Blonde recipe and replacing it with rice. All of our labels show full ingredients lists, so you should see new labels in the coming months as the new batches distribute across the nation. Feel free to email info@newplanetbeer.com for more information. Our non-corn beers are GMO Free.

  7. Linda Hawes says:

    Met you at the Gluten/Allergy expo in Dallas. FANTASTIC beer-best of the bunch. So excited to have it sold just down the road but they are not selling the Raspberry Blonde…which I also loved. Any way we can get them to sell that too? Sprouts in Southlake, TX or Grapevine Beer and Wine, Grapevine, TX! Already told a ton of people about your product! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  8. John Lofgren says:

    I just purchased your product in Wisconsin. First time I have seen it. I am a craft beer lover and a celiac. I never thought I would have a beer this good again. Thank You.

  9. Judd Sanders says:

    who distributes you beer in Denver?

  10. Haavar Menken says:


    Do you have any distributor in Norway?

  11. Juan A.Diaz says:

    I would like to know if there is a job 0pportunity for a Sales representative in Orlando Florida .
    I was an Account Manager for Schenck / Florida Distributing for over seven years.

    Thank you,
    Juan A. Diaz

  12. Ryan says:

    When will it be available in the Dallas, TX area?

    • GFBeer says:

      We are expecting our beer to be released in Texas mid-to-late July! Maybe even soon! 🙂

      • Kevin says:

        Looking forward to seeing this available in Austin soon. By the way, Brewforia does not appear to carry New Planet anymore. Can you investigate?

        • GFBeer says:

          Brewforia still has us listed as a variety 12pack, but we are working on updating our images to show the new styles. We are hoping to open in Texas mid-to-late July.

  13. mike says:

    Where can aget distributor get cases of NewPlanet outside of philadelphia, PA

  14. Cody Stansfield says:

    When will your beer be available in Canada? Vancouver, bc specifically.

  15. Shawn says:

    Glazier’s Market carries blond & raspberry in Las Vegas!

  16. Cami says:

    I just had the *new* Pale Ale and it was fantastic.. Even my IPA loving beer snob husband loved the few sips I was willing to share with him. You are right on with this! I also loved the Tread Lightly, but this blows doors on everything Ive tried in the past.

  17. Linda Peterson says:

    Who is the distributor In MN.?

  18. Erin says:

    Who is your distributor in San Francisco?

  19. ron says:

    Can you please add Rockstar pizza, 922 east main street Brownsburg in 46112
    To the list of places that customers can get your beer?

  20. Asif Hussain says:

    I operate a small market here in Decatur Georgia and would like to know which distributor carries your brand in my area

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