Blonde Ale


Perfect for year-round enjoyment—think of our Blonde ale as your go-to rafting, camping, and skiing companion. This approachable beer is easy-going, refreshingly light and crisp, with subtle hints of citrus.

4.8% ABV • 15 IBU
180 CAL • 0G SUGAR • 25G CARBS

Pair with light foods such as salads, mild vegan dishes, grilled chicken, salmon, or anything with citrus.

Vegan-Blonde ale
GF Blonde from CO
ultra filtered gf beer


Silver USA Beer Ratings 2019, Gold Denver International Beer Competition 2017, Silver 2013 LA Intl Beer Competition, Gold 2012 World Beer Championships.

What beer drinkers are saying about our Blonde Ale

“Just tried these guys at America’s Brewfest. Tried their Blond Ale and IPA. Awesome”

“Just tried the beer a couple of days ago, and we have found a new beer!!! My boyfriend has ditched New Grist for it, and I’m gonna drink New Planet now instead of Bards!!! I can’t wait until the raspberry and other flavors come out!”

“Gluten-free beer that tastes Gluten-free-free. I give it an 11. Honest to god, I get lucky, sometimes. When I was a child I managed to watch Spinal Tap without anyone having told me it was fake. And I recently managed to drink down a couple of New Planet Beers before reading the label or box and realizing they were gluten-free. So, in a blind taste test, I can personally attest to New Planet Beer being not only healthful and micro/local, but just about as good as any “real” conventional beer—and way healthier.”

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