Blonde Ale

New Planet Beer: Blonde Ale

We're not sure what the weather is like where you are, but here in Colorado (New Planet's home base), we've had an unseasonably warm fall. Only now is it starting to feel a bit more like winter. If you're familiar with the beer world, it…
Gluten Sensitivity
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Gluten Sensitivity Revealed

If you ask around, just about everyone has an opinion on “gluten-free,” Celiac Disease, or gluten-sensitivity. Often times, their opinions are misinformed and can be insulting, especially to people who have Celiac Disease (CD) or are gluten-sensitive. For…
beer tasting

How to do a Beer Tasting

We came across this great overview of how to do a Beer Tasting from the Beer Advocate we wanted to share with you. Please click here to view the original post. How To Do A Beer Tasting When analyzing a beer, you can't just swill it down, burp…

Beer Nutrition Facts

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” --Benjamin Franklin (maybe) While the veracity of the above quote cannot be 100% confirmed to belong to Benjamin Franklin, one thing we can all agree on as Americans is that a…

Growing Trend Gluten Free Beer

The Growing Trend for Gluten-Free Beer If you're reading this blog, you're probably a lot like us: after a long day, or when you're ready to unwind, very few things sound as good as a great beer. If this describe’s you, don't worry, you're…
Seclusion IPA

Seclusion IPA

New Planet Beer’s Seclusion IPA Colorado is widely recognized as the Mecca of the craft brew industry. It leads the nation in terms of innovation and taste. One particular area in craft beer that people are noticing is that there is the lack…
Are Hops Gluten Free?

Are Hops Gluten Free round 2

Are Hops Gluten Free? Are hops gluten free?  We will answer that question in a moment. A lot of people may think that there isn’t anything special about a hop plant. It doesn’t have a lot of uses, it only pops out valuable flowers once…

Double Seclusion IPA

Double Seclusion IPA Tapping this Friday at 3PM: Double Seclusion IPA:  Seclusion’s BIG Brother; 80 IBU and 7.7% ABV! You asked for it and now we have it on tap! BIG hoppy aromas and nice and smooth!
Hops Are Gluten Free

What Makes a Beer Gluten Free?

What Makes a Beer Gluten-Free? Most traditional beer is made from malted barley, wheat or rye that all contain gluten.  So what makes a beer gluten-free? Alternative Grains Since, these traditional ingredients are not gluten-free brewers…
Beer and Food Pairing Guide

Beer and Food Pairing Guide

Beer and Food Pairing Guide Beer tastes even better when you pair it with good food. In fact, we think beer is actually more food-friendly than wine. This is because of its ability to interact with many food flavors and the complexity of its…
Tips for Brewing Better Beer

Tips for Better Beer Brewing

Beer is undoubtedly the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country. In fact, studies suggest that Americans still prefer a cold brew over a glass of whiskey or wine. With so much love for beer, some even like brewing beer of their own…

New Planets take on Gluten Free Beer

New Planet Brewery, A Boulder Brewery’s Gluten Free take on Beer By:Kendra HammanPosted on: August 26th, 2015 Categories:Beerducation & History, Breweries, NewsTags:boulder colorado, co, colorado, gluten free, gluten free beer,…