10/6: High Park Post-Fire Restoration III

What: High Park Post-Fire Restoration III Volunteering.

When: Saturday October 6th All Day

Website: http://www.wlrv.net/colorado/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.events&type=792#Event1022

The New Planet team will be volunteering this weekend to help repair damage from the High Park Fire.

The High Park Fire ravaged over 85,000 acres of Northern Colorado lands, leaving hundreds of residents displaced and over 41,000 acres of land burned at a moderate to high severity! As a result, the Cache La Poudre River has been running black after heavy rains this summer, and landslides and flooding have been closing roads and threatening homes. WRV and our partners of the High Park Restoration Coalition have spent months coordinating with agency partners, community organizations and hundreds of affected individuals to lay the ground for short- and long-term restoration actions.
The most immediate goals of our fall post-fire restoration projects is to protect roads, reservoirs, rivers, homes and communities from the threat of further landslides and flooding expected in the coming winter and spring months.

Whether you live downstream of the fire or in the actual burn area, please lend a hand and help restore some of the highest priority restoration sites within the High Park Fire area. The highest priority restoration work is estimated to take at least 3 years, and a great amount of community involvement. And it will not be possible without your support.