Gluten-free holiday gift guide

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Gluten-free holiday giftNow that Thanksgiving has come and gone, ’tis the season…to start your holiday shopping. Coming up with great gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list is no easy task, which is why we’ve brainstormed eight gifts for your gluten-free loved ones.

  1. Gluten-free alcohol + food: For gift that is as thoughtful as it is tasty, give the chef in your life a pack of Tread Lightly Pale Ale, 3R Raspberry Ale, or Off-Grid Pale Ale with a special home-cooked snack or meal. They’ll love relaxing and sipping on a frosty bottle of beer while you do all of the cooking. (Tip: Print out a gluten-free recipe and go grocery shopping for gluten-free ingredients well in advance of the day you plan to make the meal).
  2. Gluten-free magazine subscription: Delight Gluten-Free Magazine, Easy Eats, Gluten-Free Living, Living Without, and other gluten-free magazines are packed with information on gluten-free cooking, labeling, recipes, restaurants, and other issues. This gift will help your gluten-free friend remain in-the-know about advances in the gluten-free world.
  3. Gluten-free gift basket: Amazon, Cookies From Home, I Can Have That!, It’s Only Natural Gifts, and many other online vendors offer delectable, gluten-free gift baskets containing sweet and savory treats.
  4. New cooking utensils: Are you living with someone who is gluten-intolerant? Do they use their own cooking utensils while they’re preparing a gluten-free meal? Wooden utensils are porous, so even if you accidentally cut your sandwich on your roommate’s wooden cutting board and washed it, traces of gluten could still be left behind. For a more practical gift, replace your roommate’s wooden spoons, cutting boards, measuring cups, spatulas, or rolling pin.
  5. Gift certificate to a Restaurant with a Gluten-free Menu/Options: Outback Steakhouse and P.F. Chang’s both offer gluten-free menus,  Maggiano’s Little Italy chefs will, if asked, modify meals so that they’re gluten-free, and that new local restaurant that just opened downtown just might have a yummy gluten-free menu. Give your friend or loved one the gift of an effortless, gluten-free meal with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
  6. Gluten-free book: Do you know someone who just started eating gluten-free food? Give them gluten-free meal ideas with a new gluten-free cookbook, or help them on their new quest with a guide to living gluten-free.
  7. A tax-deductible donation in your loved one’s name to an organization that conducts research, educates, and provides support for individuals living with celiac disease such as the Celiac Disease Foundation or The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.
  8. Kitchen appliance: Looking to splurge on a holiday gift for someone you love? Prevent cross-contamination and help them save time in the kitchen preparing gluten-free meals by buying them their own toaster, breadmaker, rice cooker, mixer, slow cooker, or waffle iron.

Enjoy your gluten-free gift shopping, and from all of us at New Planet Beer, happy holidays!