New Planet is Featured on the Daily Camera

screencapofarticleThe Daily Camera has given us a write-up, all about the introduction of our brand new reduced-gluten beers.

It goes without saying that Colorado’s craft beer industry leads the nation in taste and innovation. Here in the Boulder area, we’re spoiled beyond belief. People figure that out when they travel to other states and find the choices in craft beer limited to just a handful. Coming home to our dizzying array of craft beer, tap rooms and brewery tours…well, we’re the envy of the nation.

If there’s a downside to our craft beer culture, it’s the din of so many new beers and new brewers. How can a player in our beer scene cut through the noise and get their latest brew off the ground and into the frosty mugs of new patrons? It’s a challenge that Boulder’s New Planet Brewery has gladly taken on with a pair of groundbreaking new beers: Seclusion IPA and Tread Lightly Ale.

Thanks to the Daily Camera for such a great article! Be sure you check out the full article.

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Beers featured in the article: