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New Planet Beer attended the world’s first International Beer Bloggers & Online Media Conference that took place November 5-7, 2010 in Boulder, Colorado. Beer bloggers, industry bloggers, and other beer and social media professionals gathered from throughout North America and beyond to meet, learn, and share. What a fun event!

Beer bloggers shared topics ranging from blogging best practices to beer and food pairings. Another hot topic was how to better connect women and beer, which turned out to be a heated conversation…but in the end, it turned out to be an extra reason to raise the glass, so everyone was happy.

The most exciting event at the conference was called Live Beer Blogging, in which New Planet Beer participated. It was kind of like speed dating, but with a lot of beer. Bloggers were seated at 12 round tables of 8-10 people per table, who were armed with computers with a constant connection to their blog, facebook and twitter accounts. We had five minutes per table to pour a sample, educate them about our beer, our company, and field questions. At the end of each time slot, a bell would sound and we’d run to the next table. After 60 minutes of the New Planet Beer pitch, voices were lost, but we had a wonderful time connecting with these beer connoisseurs.

New Planet Beer was the only gluten-free beer represented as both Tread Lightly Ale and 3R Raspberry Ale were sampled. With a heavy gluten friendly audience, our gluten-free beer fared well. Here is a snap shot of what was said about New Planet Beer.

Some of the Tweets:

MrSanjiv: @newplanetbeer: tread lightly ale and 3r raspberry ale. I’m not anti-gluten, but this could turn me. #bbc10

sodakbeer: #BBC10 @newplanetbeer Raspberry Ale – raspberry aroma/taste – gluten free – light bodied – easy drinker!

iBT_Jake: Oh , hello gluten free beer, nice to meet you. 3R Rasberry Ale and Tread Lightly Ale from @newplanetbeer. Very cool what they’re doing.

billybroas: Impressed with my first gluten free beers from @newplanetbeer. It’s made from sorghum.

Goats_Udder: #BBC10 @newplanetbeer 3r raspberry AMAZING RASPBERRY HONEY FLAVOR

Thanks to all the beer bloggers for such a great event!