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The survey results are in.
We have the results from our customer survey. Thanks to everyone that participated. We appreciate all of the great feedback and we wanted to share some of the highlights. As a small, local company, it’s important to know what fans think and what they want so we can continue to improve and provide the best gluten-free beer possible. Here are the top three findings of our survey.

1. It’s all about the taste.
When asked why people choose New Planet Gluten-Free Beer, over two-thirds responded that it was because of the taste. Just because a beer is gluten-free doesn’t mean that taste has to be compromised. Our pledge to our customers is to deliver a certified gluten-free beer without sacrificing taste. We are working diligently to ensure the same taste and quality is in all of our beers, including our newest product development – Off Grid Pale Ale.

2. What comes to mind.

  • Superior Taste
  • Refreshing
  • Local
  • Sustainable
  • Tastes like beer
  • And Fun!

3. Tell your friends.
We rely on our fans to help get the word out about New Planet Beer. In our survey, half of the respondents said they heard about us through friends. About thirty percent said they first heard about us from other press and events. You can help spread the word of New Planet Beer by telling your friends and by informing us of any events and/or festivals that we should attend in the future. Feel free to send us a note, join our facebook page or follow us on twitter @newplanetbeer.

Thanks for all your help!