• 2 bottles of New Planet Beer – Belgian Ale (one to cook with, one to enjoy while cooking!)
  • 2 pounds mussels, cleaned
  • Finely sliced green onion – 3 stalks – & chopped Italian parsley 1 tbs.
  • 1-2 tsp  Chopped garlic  and 1tsp chopped ginger
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper

Cooking Instructions

  • Heat large saucepan to medium-high heat with 1tbl spoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Add cleaned mussels, with 1-2 tsp. chopped garlic & 1tsp. of chopped Ginger (fresh or paste)
  • Place lid over pan and let steam for a few minutes, then add ½ – ¾ bottle of Belgian Ale, and put lid back on pan.
  • Once the mussels are opening (as if to drink the yummy beer), turn heat off and let sit for a minute, adding the sliced green onions for added aroma and flavor.
  • Serve in bowl and sprinkle chopped Parsley over served Mussels as the final touch.

Optional Addition’s:

Chorizo can be a great addition – fried separately and added in to the broth before serving

½ cup of buttermilk added to the broth creates a smooth and rich texture as well

Traditionally served with a side of fresh cut fries

 Serves 3-4 people.

Bon Appetit!

With the start of National Celiac Awareness Month coinciding the Cinco de Mayo celebration we thought we would share a wonderful recipe that pairs beautifully with our Blonde Ale.
Roasted Chicken Tacos
Ian Clark, BRU handbuilt ales & eats
Serves 4 
1 whole roasted chicken, meat pulled
2 12 oz. jars of your favorite organic salsa
1 dozen organic corn tortillas
3/4 head green cabbage, shredded
4 limes, juice
2 tblsp olive oil
1 cup thinly sliced radishes
1 cup shredded cotija cheese
1/2 cup sprigs of cilantro
salt and pepper to taste
Place pulled chicken meat into a sauce pot and pour salsa over it. Simmer chicken in salsa for 15-20 minutes and season with salt.Toss shredded cabbage, cilantro and radishes in a bowl with lime juice and olive oil, season with salt and pepper.
For plate up- Warm tortillas slightly in a warm pan. Place chicken and sauce in the center of the tortillas. Put a hefty amount of cabbage slaw on top and generously apply cotija. Best enjoyed with a New Planet Blonde Ale
Avocado with charred hatch chile and tomatillo salsa, grilled corn and black beans

Ian Clark, BRU handbuilt ales & eats
1 ripe avocado, very large dice  
1/2 cup of your favorite salsa (suggested salsa: hatch chile and tomatillo salsa)
1/4 cup cooked black beans
1/4 cup grilled corn, taken off the cob
3 sprigs cilantro ;eaves
1/2 lime, juiced
1 tblsp olive oil
salt to taste
your favorite organic corn chips
Large dice avocado and scoop out of skin. Place in a bowl with all other ingredients and mix very gently as to not break up the avocado. As you do this, taste frequently and season with salt as you go. Serve with corn tortilla chips and a crisp, light beer – AKA New Planet Blonde Ale

This recipe was submitted by: Ian Clark, Beer Chef / Founder of BRU Handbuilt Ales 


One of the hardest things about maintaining a gluten free diet is actually sticking to it. Between work and other activities, you’re constantly on the go, so you don’t have two hours to spend pouring over product labels as you grocery shop or order dinner out. While we always suggest that you double-checking labels and/or asking a chef or manufacturer before consuming a product or meal, we’ve compiled a list of smartphone apps that can make daily tasks like grocery shopping or eating out easier.

Find Me Gluten Free is a free iPhone and Android app that allows you to view menus, get directions, or call each restaurant. You can also read other users’ ratings or reviews for each restaurants or post your own. Find Me Gluten Free has also introduced two features that are in beta; a recipes tab that allows you to search through gluten-free recipes, and a product tab that you can use to scan product barcodes or browse products to locate gluten-free options.

Gluten Free Restaurant Items is a $1.99 iPhone and Android app that helps you locate and create lists of gluten free options that are available at popular fast food chains and restaurants. All of this information is stored on your smartphone so you don’t have to use Internet data to to access it.

Gluten Free Registry is a $1.99 iPhone and Android app that assists you in location gluten-free friendly restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, caterers/chefs, grocery stores, vacation/resort accommodations and more. You can also use this app to view menus, read/add your own reviews and ratings, or call a business.

Allergy & Gluten Free Diet Tracker by Fooducate is a $4.99 iPhone app that allows you to scan a grocery store product’s bar code, browse by category or search for products to see if they contain gluten or other food allergens. You can also discuss your findings with other users, take pictures of product warning labels, call the manufacturer for more information, and see healthy, allergen-free alternatives.

ipiit, The Food Ambassador is a free iPhone and Android app that helps you locate gluten free food products. Scan item bar codes, customize your food preferences (ex: gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.), compare products, and read users’ ratings or add your own.

Now go get yourself a gluten-free snack!

Break out the green beer and that “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt—St. Patrick’s Day is only 10 days away! If you wake up on March 18th with a St. Patty’s hangover, what’s the first thing you should reach for? We know how hard it is to find gluten free hangover cures and meals, which is why we came up with a list of our favorites.

If you’re someone who craves a spicy, filling meal when you wake up after a night of partying, whip up a Mexican omelette with a side of black beans and gluten-free toast. This trifecta is packed with protein and carbs that will instantly cure that rumbling in your stomach.

For more traditional, greasy breakfast options, reach for a slice of leftover gluten free pizza or a gluten free ham, egg and cheese muffin.

Did you wake up feeling a bit nauseous? Tame your tummy with a bland meal of gluten free crackers or cereal. For a hot meal that will settle your stomach, try a bowl of quinoa or brown rice.

Looking for a healthier alternative that will give you the boost you need to start your day? That lethargic feeling is a result of low blood sugar, so kick it to the curb by blending together some fresh fruit, milk and ice for a delicious fruit smoothie!

We know this goes without saying, but the best way to cure your hangover is to rehydrate, so make sure your drinking plenty of water and Gatorade to help replenish those electrolytes.

What’s your favorite gluten-free hangover cure? Tell us below!

As you watch the Grammy and Academy Awards this month, you may have more in common with the celebrities you see walking down the red carpet. Many notables have started going gluten-free. Some celebs claim that giving up gluten is a great way to lose weight. While it’s true that maintaining a gluten-free diet may lead to positive health benefits, processed gluten-free products oftentimes contain more calories than their glutenous counterparts.

But fear not; many celebrities also avoid gluten due to health concerns. Check out our list of actors, singers, public figures and atletes who have gone gluten-free due toCeliac disease, gluten intolerance, or a wheat allergy.

  • Cedric Benson
  • Drew Brees
  • Bill Clinton
  • Chelsea Clinton
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Jennifer Esposito
  • Scott Michael Foster
  • Elisabeth Hasselback
  • Keith Olbermann
  • Ryan Phillippe

Feeling feverish? According to the CDC, the 2012-2013 flu season got off to an early start this year, and since it typically peaks in January or February, many of you may already be feeling its aches and pains. Before you reach for that box of Theraflu, make sure that it’s gluten-free (and good thing you checked, because it isn’t!) Some medications are contaminated with gluten when they’re dusted with flour before they’re packaged, or they’re inactive ingredients are derived from starch sources.

We did some research and compiled a few gluten-free cold and flu remedies below. Please use our list as a helpful guide as you search for gluten-free remedies, but as always, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist about whether or not a medication is gluten free.


Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Wellness Tea™, Sleepytime Sinus Soother™ Wellness TeaSleepytime Throat Tamer™ Wellness Tea and Sleepytime® Echinacea Complete Care® Wellness Tea


All Emergen-C products

Vicks® Nature Fusion™ Cold & Flu Nighttime Relief and Nature Fusion™ Cold & Flu Multi-Symptom Relief

Get well soon! 

Gluten-free holiday giftNow that Thanksgiving has come and gone, ’tis the season…to start your holiday shopping. Coming up with great gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list is no easy task, which is why we’ve brainstormed eight gifts for your gluten-free loved ones.

  1. Gluten-free alcohol + food: For gift that is as thoughtful as it is tasty, give the chef in your life a pack of Tread Lightly Pale Ale, 3R Raspberry Ale, or Off-Grid Pale Ale with a special home-cooked snack or meal. They’ll love relaxing and sipping on a frosty bottle of beer while you do all of the cooking. (Tip: Print out a gluten-free recipe and go grocery shopping for gluten-free ingredients well in advance of the day you plan to make the meal).
  2. Gluten-free magazine subscription: Delight Gluten-Free Magazine, Easy Eats, Gluten-Free Living, Living Without, and other gluten-free magazines are packed with information on gluten-free cooking, labeling, recipes, restaurants, and other issues. This gift will help your gluten-free friend remain in-the-know about advances in the gluten-free world.
  3. Gluten-free gift basket: Amazon, Cookies From Home, I Can Have That!, It’s Only Natural Gifts, and many other online vendors offer delectable, gluten-free gift baskets containing sweet and savory treats.
  4. New cooking utensils: Are you living with someone who is gluten-intolerant? Do they use their own cooking utensils while they’re preparing a gluten-free meal? Wooden utensils are porous, so even if you accidentally cut your sandwich on your roommate’s wooden cutting board and washed it, traces of gluten could still be left behind. For a more practical gift, replace your roommate’s wooden spoons, cutting boards, measuring cups, spatulas, or rolling pin.
  5. Gift certificate to a Restaurant with a Gluten-free Menu/Options: Outback Steakhouse and P.F. Chang’s both offer gluten-free menus,  Maggiano’s Little Italy chefs will, if asked, modify meals so that they’re gluten-free, and that new local restaurant that just opened downtown just might have a yummy gluten-free menu. Give your friend or loved one the gift of an effortless, gluten-free meal with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
  6. Gluten-free book: Do you know someone who just started eating gluten-free food? Give them gluten-free meal ideas with a new gluten-free cookbook, or help them on their new quest with a guide to living gluten-free.
  7. A tax-deductible donation in your loved one’s name to an organization that conducts research, educates, and provides support for individuals living with celiac disease such as the Celiac Disease Foundation or The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.
  8. Kitchen appliance: Looking to splurge on a holiday gift for someone you love? Prevent cross-contamination and help them save time in the kitchen preparing gluten-free meals by buying them their own toaster, breadmaker, rice cooker, mixer, slow cooker, or waffle iron.

Enjoy your gluten-free gift shopping, and from all of us at New Planet Beer, happy holidays!

Have you recently cut gluten out of your diet due to Celiac’s Disease or a gluten sensitivity? In creating lists of gluten-free foods you can eat and carefully checking labels at the grocery store, it’s not uncommon for those who have recently started living a gluten-free lifestyle to inadvertently forget about other places gluten may be hiding in their daily routine. Here are some hidden sources of gluten that are frequently overlooked:

  • Your Kitchen Countertops — You’ve just pulled out all of the ingredients to make yourself a delicious gluten-free meal. You’re about to put some of the ingredients you’ll be cooking with down on the counter when you spy some bread crumbs lurking from a sandwich your spouse made earlier. If others living in your household haven’t adopted a gluten-free diet, avoid cross-contaminating your gluten-free meals and snacks by wiping down your kitchen countertops before you start cooking.
  • Your Wood Cutting Boards and Wooden Spoons — Wood is porous, so even if it comes into contact with food containing food and you wash it, traces of gluten might still get left behind. If you own wood cutting boards or wooden spoons that have come into contact with foods containing gluten, it’s best to replace them with new ones and label them so others living in your household don’t accidentally contaminate them while cooking.
  • Your Toaster — Here’s another common place cross-contamination occurs. Taking your toaster apart and cleaning out all of the bread crumbs isn’t a practical option. Even if it was, bread crumbs that are lodged in the spring mechanism could still come loose and contaminate your gluten-free bread once it’s been completely toasted and pops up. Buy yourself a new toaster, and, once again, make sure that you label it so that others living in your household don’t accidentally contaminate it with gluten.
  • Your BBQ Grill — Before you start barbecuing your next meal, carefully clean out your grill. Make sure that the grates are clean before you start grilling a gluten-free meal. If that’s not an option, prevent cross-contamination by grilling your gluten-free food on aluminum foil.
  • In Jars or Tubs of Peanut Butter, Jam, Mayo, Butter, or Relish. Unless you’ve instituted a “no double dipping” rule in your household, chances are a knife that has come in contact with breads containing gluten has also made it into various jars and tubs of condiments. You have two options: either institute a rule in your household eliminating double-dipping, or buy separate condiments that are for your use only.
  • Gum — Gum seems like the last place you’d find gluten, right? Unfortunately, some chewing gums are dusted with flour to prevent them from sticking to their wrappers, and most companies don’t list this on the label. Protect yourself by chewing a gluten free gum like Wrigley’s EXTRA® Peppermint.
  • Your Medicine — Just like some brands of gum, some pills are also dusted with flour before they’re packaged. Some inactive ingredients — or fillers — that are added to prescription or over-the-counter medications can also come from starch sources like wheat or potatoes. Before you purchase a medication, ask a pharmacist if it could contain gluten, or contact the manufacturer.

Thought of a hidden source of gluten we didn’t mention above? Share it with us by commenting below!

It’s finally August, which means that fall semester is just weeks away for incoming college freshmen. But while many students are probably chomping at the bit while thinking about the independence they’ll gain in college, gluten-free students are most likely worrying about what they’ll be able to eat in the dining halls. But maintaining a gluten-free diet in college doesn’t have to be as difficult as getting an A in statistics! Follow these ten easy steps to keep yourself on the gluten-free track.

  1. Buy a mini-fridge and/or microwave to keep your gluten-free food in. Before you purchase one, though, check with housing services to find out more about your college’s wattage guidelines. If you decide to share either of these appliances with your roommate(s), make sure that they understand how to prevent cross-contamination of their food with yours.
  2. Talk to your roommate(s) about your allergy. Don’t oversimplify your explanation, but don’t make it overly complicated either. Get across the point that even one crumb of gluten can make you sick, which is why you’ll be keeping all of your snacks, cleaning supplies (ie: sponges, towels), tupperware, and dishes separate from theirs. If you’re sharing a kitchen or cooking space with your roommate(s), ask them to wipe down surfaces after their done cooking so as to avoid cross-contamination.
  3. Meet with the dining services director and talk to dining hall chefs. When you meet with the director of dining services, tell him that you’re gluten-free and ask about accommodations the school can offer, gluten-free meals they’ve served in the past or could prepare for you, and even how many gluten-free students they’ve served or plan to serve this school year. After you’re done, walk around and talk to the chefs and dining hall staff. Ask them how they prepare gluten-free meals, if they know how to prevent cross-contamination, and which gluten-free meals they’ve served in the past.
  4. Consider opting out of a meal plan. If it doesn’t seem like there’s many gluten-free options in your college’s dining hall, ask dining services about opting out of your meal plan. Use the money you save to purchase gluten-free snacks at grocery stores or gluten-free meals at local restaurants.
  5. Figure out which grocery store has the best gluten-free food selection. Stock up on gluten-free snacks and frozen meals that you can keep in your dorm room. If there’s a particular gluten-free snack you’d like but don’t see on the shelves, don’t be afraid to ask the grocery store manager if they’ll look into carrying it for you.
  6. Pack gluten-free snacks. Always remember to bring one or two gluten-free snacks with you wherever you go, even if you’re not planning on eating. You never know when your friends may want to grab a snack or meal that may not be gluten-free, so it’s always good to bring a snack so you don’t have to sit there hungrily watching them eat!
  7. BYO gluten-free alcohol. If you’re over the age of 21 and going to a party, consider legally carrying closed bottles of gluten-free alcohol with you when you go out with friends. Just throw a four pack of New Planet Beer in your purse before you head to your friend’s party!
  8. Carry an allergy card with you to give to waitresses, chefs, etc. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has a very informative allergy card at the end of their Gluten-Free Guide to College. Print it out or create your own and carry it with you.
  9. Simplify your allergy story. Think of it like a gluten-free elevator speech; make sure that it’s easy to explain to anyone you meet. Be open and honest about your allergy with your friends, dorm staff, etc.
  10. Parents, send your student gluten-free snacks. Students love getting care packages during their freshman year, so remember to send gluten-free snack packs, especially around midterms and finals!

Don’t let living a gluten-free lifestyle hold you back. Remember that you can do anything other college students do!