Our Tap Room is open on Friday tap room post 2and Saturday from 3pm to 7 pm. We serve beers that we hand-craft here at our Boulder brewery. Our 7 taps rotate weekly, but we always carry 100% gluten-free beers and reduced-gluten beers.

Our Tap Room is where we showcase all the new beers and test all the new ingredients that we are evaluating. It is our research and development center, but more importantly it is a place where our fans can come and gather and celebrate.

We also host private parties and different gluten-free support groups.

Our Tap Room serves all the beers we brew on-site in our ½ Bbl system, which is the smallest system available in a commercial setting. So it’s fair to say that our beers are crafted in an artisan fashion. There is some science in brewing as you can imagine, but when you get down to a small system like ours, it is much more of an art.

100% gluten-free beers are brewed from gluten-free grains like sorghum or millet. Many beers are augmented with brown rice and honey. Also, we add spices and hops which are vine grown flowers that provide the bittering, flavor and aroma to the beers. All of our ingredients are natural and GMO free. Most of our beers are also vegan except for those that have honey. Just ask for the list of ingredients if you want to be sure.

We encourage drinking socially and responsibly so we will provide free root beer to your group’s designated driver. We offer complementary Snyder pretzels and also sell a few food options such as gluten-free pizza.

We brew all kinds of styles of beer so if you are coming over, we recommend you call ahead and ask what is on tap. Once you are here you are welcome to a free sample of any beers you are interested in. We are looking forward to seeing you.