If you’ve been following New Planet Beer for awhile now, you know that we go to great lengths to ensure only the finest ingredients make their way into the beer you drink. When it comes to sourcing the best ingredients for our beers, we carefully vet our suppliers to make sure they uphold our extremely high standards. In that spirit, we want to spend some time in this post talking about one of our amazing partners, Montana Gluten Free Oats.

Awesome Gluten Free Oats

As their name implies, Montana Gluten Free Oats specializes in gluten free oats (from….you guessed it! Montana). Their oats are “from farm to fork” as they like to say, or in our case: from farm to fermentation!

What makes Montana Gluten Free Oats so special? Let us count the ways!

High Standards

Great care is taken to ensure that the oats grown by Montana Gluten Free Oats are–in fact–gluten free. Any field that grows Montana Gluten Free Oats has been free of any gluten grains for at least four years. When it comes time to harvest the oats themselves, Montana Gluten Free Oats uses only gluten free farm equipment. That means that the oats are collected, transported, milled, packaged, and stored in a completely gluten free supply chain.

Big Sky, Big Flavor

Another aspect that makes Montana Gluten Free Oats special is the environment in which they’re grown and raised. Nestled at the base of the Bridger Mountains and near the headwaters of the Missouri River, Montana Gluten Free Oats are grown in the Gallatin Valley.

Under the watchful eye of the Big Sky, the oats are grown under the expertise and supervision of Montana Gluten Free Oats farmers. From seed to stalk, the oats we use for our gluten free beers are as fresh and healthy as the Montana sky.

Brilliant Beers using Montana Gluten Free Oats

When New Planet Beer receives our shipment of oats from Montana Gluten Free Oats, we combine them with hops, millet, and water to deliver painstakingly crafted gluten free ales.

Specifically, our Blonde Ale and our Pale Ale use these oats beers utilize Montana Gluten Free Oats. The result is a flavorful, just-like-the-real-thing beer that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for adventure.

With so much scrutiny on where our food and drink comes from these days, you can rest (and drink) assured that your brewers at New Planet Beer care as much as you do about what goes into your favorite drinks. Cheers!

Montana Gluten Free Oats