All May 2016 Events

Raspberry Grapefruit Millet Ale Gluten Free Beer

We look forward to seeing you in person at one of the many events we will be at and supporting this month.

May 6 6-10pm, Chicago, IL

Spring Flours – Gluten Free Gala

May 13 4-6pm, Boulder, CO

Liquor Mart Tasting, Beer on Sale with New Planet staff on hand

May 14 9-129m, Littleton, CO

The Fifth Annual “Gluten-Free Gallop” 5k Walk/Run, New Planet staff on hand

May 20 4-7pm, Boulder, CO

Wholefoods –Beer on Sale with New Planet Staff on hand.

May 27 4-6pm, Longmont, CO

Wyatts–Free Tasting and beer on sale with New Planet Staff on hand

May 28 2:30-7pm, Loveland, CO

Front Range Rally —Free Tasting with New Planet Staff on hand

Join Us at the Gluten Free Gallop on May 14, 2016

Gluten Free Gallop eventThe Denver-Metro Chapter of the Celiac Support Association is excited to announce our fifth annual Gluten Free Gallop 5k run/walk to raise awareness of Celiac Disease and

gluten related disorders. The Gluten Free Gallop will take place at Clement Park in Littleton, CO on Saturday May 14th, 2016.  This is a fun family, stroller and dog friendly event.

We hope you will join us again for this amazing event!

Anyone who registers between now and May 1st will be entered to win a $20 gift card to Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza!

Register Now –

Kids 12 and under are always free

General registration will run thru May 6th – $30 

Late registration will go thru race day – $35

Also stay up to date on all of the race details at our Gluten Free Gallop Facebook page:


 Gluten Free Gallop T-Shirt

Goody Bags with gluten free munchies

Event Timed

Raffle to follow race

Gluten Free snacks to Follow race

Gluten Free Beer


 Kids’ Activities





Tips for Brewing Better Beer

Beer is undoubtedly the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country. In fact, studies suggest that Americans still prefer a cold brew over a glass of whiskey or wine. With so much love for beer, some even like brewing beer of their own at home.

With the availability of pre-assembled beer brewing kits and the simplicity of brewing ingredients, it seems like you can’t go wrong. The truth is that there are a lot of things that can steer your beer from its intended course.

In the hopes of helping new brewers improve their beer, we gathered some helpful tips from brewing experts. Here are some tips for brewing better beer.

Use fresh ingredients

Creating drinkable beer is just as simple as making soup out of a can, but if you want outstanding beer, then you need to find the freshest ingredients available. Remember, the quality of the beer you produce is dependent on the quality of ingredients that goes into the brew kettle.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Sanitation is the key to making good beer.  Sterilize all the equipment that comes into contact with your wort after the boil.

Update your equipment

You may have started with an off-the-shelf brewing kit, but if you are planning to turn this into a long-term hobby, then you may want to update your equipment. Upgrading to better equipment is a must if you want better beer brewing results.

For really passionate brewers, we recommend upgrading your boiling kettle to a glass kettle. This will make a big difference in the mash. Later on, you may also want to purchase an auto siphon, better cleaning supplies, an extra burner and a grain crusher.

Use clean water

Clean water is essential in brewing great beer. If you can afford it, use bottled water. If not, be sure to boil the water first. Never use the city’s tap water when brewing as there might be a whole lot of mess floating around in the water that you can’t see. For best results, use the freshest, purest water available.






Come out and join us!

Brewfest tasting

April 15 4-6pm

At Hazels Liquor Store in Boulder –Beer on Sale with New Planet Staff on hand.

April 16-2-4pm

At Total Beverage Liquor Store in Westminster– Beer on Sale with New Planet Staff on hand.

April 22-7pm

Doors Open At Microbrews for the Environment at Boulder Theater in Boulder–Beer festival and fundraiser with New Planet Staff on hand.

April 22-4-6pm

At Wyatt’s Liquor Store in Longmont –Beer on Sale with New Planet Staff on hand.

April 23-1-6pm

At Hazels Liquor Store in Boulder–Free Tasting and beer on sale with New Planet Staff on hand.

April 29-4-6pm

At Daveco Liquor Store in Thornton–Free Tasting and beer on sale with New Planet Staff on hand.

April 30-3-8pm

At New Planet Taproom in Gunbarrel–Spring Release of Raspberry & Grapefruit Radler $4 pints + Corn Hole Game!