If you’ve been following New Planet Beer for awhile now, you know that we go to great lengths to ensure only the finest ingredients make their way into the beer you drink. When it comes to sourcing the best ingredients for our beers, we carefully vet our suppliers to make sure they uphold our extremely high standards. In that spirit, we want to spend some time in this post talking about one of our amazing partners, Montana Gluten Free Oats.

Awesome Gluten Free Oats

As their name implies, Montana Gluten Free Oats specializes in gluten free oats (from….you guessed it! Montana). Their oats are “from farm to fork” as they like to say, or in our case: from farm to fermentation!

What makes Montana Gluten Free Oats so special? Let us count the ways!

High Standards

Great care is taken to ensure that the oats grown by Montana Gluten Free Oats are–in fact–gluten free. Any field that grows Montana Gluten Free Oats has been free of any gluten grains for at least four years. When it comes time to harvest the oats themselves, Montana Gluten Free Oats uses only gluten free farm equipment. That means that the oats are collected, transported, milled, packaged, and stored in a completely gluten free supply chain.

Big Sky, Big Flavor

Another aspect that makes Montana Gluten Free Oats special is the environment in which they’re grown and raised. Nestled at the base of the Bridger Mountains and near the headwaters of the Missouri River, Montana Gluten Free Oats are grown in the Gallatin Valley.

Under the watchful eye of the Big Sky, the oats are grown under the expertise and supervision of Montana Gluten Free Oats farmers. From seed to stalk, the oats we use for our gluten free beers are as fresh and healthy as the Montana sky.

Brilliant Beers using Montana Gluten Free Oats

When New Planet Beer receives our shipment of oats from Montana Gluten Free Oats, we combine them with hops, millet, and water to deliver painstakingly crafted gluten free ales.

Specifically, our Blonde Ale and our Pale Ale use these oats beers utilize Montana Gluten Free Oats. The result is a flavorful, just-like-the-real-thing beer that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for adventure.

With so much scrutiny on where our food and drink comes from these days, you can rest (and drink) assured that your brewers at New Planet Beer care as much as you do about what goes into your favorite drinks. Cheers!

Montana Gluten Free Oats

Green is Good!

March is a month of transition, changing seasons, and yes, green beer. March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, and as the saying goes, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!” So while you may see everyone and their cousin decked out in green on March 17, here at New Planet Brewing, we’re proud to say that we’re green every day.

Sure, green is one of our favorite colors, but when we say “green,” we mean that since our founding, we’ve desired to brew clean, refreshing, gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers that have a minimal impact on our environment.

Curious about how we stay green all year long? Keep reading!

Brewing is an Energy-Intensive Process

Transforming water, malt (or millet!), and hops into beer flowing from a can or tap to your glass takes a lot of skill and work. Ensuring the beer you drink is delicious, gluten-free or gluten-reduced, and fresh involves a lot of moving parts, and if it isn’t done carefully, it can use a lot of natural resources that affect the environment.

A few years ago, we decided to live our mission more fully by creating and joining a brewing co-op. This meant that instead of having our own dedicated brewhouse, we’d share a state-of-the-art facility with other like-minded breweries.


The answer was simple for a few reasons. First, building a brewery is expensive. You’re talking tanks, fermenters, hoses, fire mitigation, zoning requirements, canning equipment….the list goes on, and so does the bill! Secondly, breweries tend to take up a lot of land, and as mentioned above, they require a lot of equipment that draw significant amounts of energy.

So rather than spend millions of dollars on a facility just for ourselves, we thought, “Why can’t we share the expenses and in doing so, reduce our overall environmental footprint?” And that’s what we did. Today, we’re proud to be part of a brewing co-op that shares a phenomenal $8 million facility that crafts excellent beer for you, our consumer! This also translates to $8.99 6-packs in our home market and $10.99 per 6-packs nationally….one of the best-priced specialty beers in the market!

It Takes a Village

If you’ve ever been to a beer festival or know anyone who works in the industry, you know that it is a collaborative, knowledge-sharing community. Brewers are a different breed. Collectively, we know that the adage “A rising tide lifts all ships” applies to brewing. The success of one brewery means the success of many. In that spirit, brewers are often very transparent with their industry peers about what they’re working on and how they’re doing it.

This collaboration is at the heart of our co-op, too. By putting many talented brewers in the same space, the exchange of ideas, philosophies, and best-practices happens naturally and in a very business-friendly way.

By developing these close relationships with our peers, we’re able to provide our consumers with the best product out there…not only because we’ve toiled for thousands of hours, but because we’ve had honest, well-intentioned feedback from our beer brethren in order to make our beers the best gluten-free and gluten-reduced ones in the market.

Be Green!

Whether you’ll be partaking in St. Patrick’s Day or not this year, remember that you can stay green all-year long when you celebrate life’s moments with New Planet Beer. Our cans (which take up less energy to transport than bottles AND keep your beer fresher!) and kegs contain beer that was conscientiously brewed to be kinder and gentler on the environment. We’ll drink to that! As the Irish say, “Sláinte!”

Pop quiz, folks! What do the following states have in common? (No, you do not need to answer in the form of a question, either).

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Utah

Yes. They all have people. And flora and fauna.

Yes. They all contain the letter “A.” But that’s not it (even though that’s kind of cool).

Give up?

All of these states are now receiving distribution of delicious, gluten-free and crafted to remove gluten New Planet beers!

You read that correctly. 2019 is shaping up to be an incredible year not just for us here at New Planet, but for all of our fans in the aforementioned states.

For years, we’ve proudly brewed and sold our beer in our home state of Colorado. Given Colorado’s proclivity for tourism and visitors from all over the country, one common theme we’re always hearing is, “When are you going to come to my state?!” And every time we had to say “We’re not sure yet!” it would break our hearts as much as it broke yours. Slowly but surely, we’re having to say that phrase less and less thanks to this increase in distribution!

As 2019 starts with a bang, we’re thrilled to say that you can now enjoy one of New Planet’s beers in 9 US states. NINE! And while we would love to be wherever you are, we’ve always focused on making sure that the beer in your glass is as fresh as it can be.

So, as we continue to make inroads and build relationships across these new partner states, we’re working tirelessly to ensure that every beer–whether it’s your first New Planet experience or your umpteenth experience with us–is as fresh and delicious as it is meant to be.

If you’re unfamiliar with New Planet and our beers, we’d love to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about ourselves!

♫ Getting To know you!! ♫

It all started nearly 10 years ago (is it really that long ago??) when our Founder, Pedro Gonzalez, was diagnosed Celiac. The intrepid outdoorsman and craft beer-lover thought his days of enjoying a cold one after rigorous hike were over.

Thankfully for him (and us), though, he made it a personal mission to start making the beers he loved, just without the gluten. What started out as a curiosity and a hobby quickly turned into something much greater than a Celiac homebrewer making beer in his kitchen!

As Pedro started talking with more and more people who were Celiac or had a gluten sensitivity, he realized he wasn’t the only one who had missed the feeling that comes with enjoying a cold one with friends and family.

After recipe tweaks and countless taste-testing, New Planet Beer was born. Since then, we’ve been crafting incredible beers that are both gluten-free and crafted to remove gluten.

Over the years, we’ve been humbled and inspired by the many stories our customers share with us. Our beers have been on some of the nation’s tallest summits, accompanied our friends on whitewater rafting trips, served as supporting players in the toasts and celebrations of the lives of our customers.

Now that New Planet Beer is sold in more states around the country, we’re thrilled to be part of your life, too. We have a lot of exciting developments happening in 2019, so stay tuned! Please check out our Beer Locator to search for locations near you.

In the meantime, wishing you a wonderful New Year and cheers to 2019!

We’ve been canning our beers for quite awhile now, and we love how easy it is to transport your favorite New Planet beers from adventure to adventure. But sometimes, it’s great cracking open a beer from the comfort of your own home, too. When that’s the case, it’s nice pouring your beer into a glass and savoring the coloring and aroma the beers have to offer.

Did you know, though, that the glassware you’re using for your beer makes a difference? Here are a few choice types of glassware to use, depending on the style of beer you’re enjoying at any given time.

The Classic Pint Glass

The American pint glass (also called the Shaker). You know the one. Clocking in at 16 ounces and found at nearly every drinking establishment ever made, this is the go-to American beer-drinking glass. Bars love it because they’re cheap to buy, easy to clean, and they store easily. Their larger cousin—the 20 ounce English Imperial pint glass—is also quite common, and is typically used to serve English ales, lagers, and stouts.

The Shaker pint glass is also great because of the variety of beers that work well in them. Nearly every type of ale or lager works well in these glasses. The open mouth allows for just enough head to be poured, either from a tap or from your New Planet can.

Ideal New Planet beer for your pint glass: Any, but especially the Blonde Ale and Tread Lightly Ale

The Snifter

Not just for your grandpa’s brandy! (But still great for that…)

The snifter is a great piece of glassware to add to your beer-drinking collection if you don’t already have a few. With a short stem and wide bowl, this glass is ideal for beers that have strong, potent aromas.

The wide bowl allows the beer to breath, and the tapered mouth captures the nose of your beer as you bring it to your lips. Not only does the wide bowl allow the beer to breathe, but it also allows ample room to swirl your drink, so you can inhale all of the hoppy or wild aromas your beers have to offer.

Ideal New Planet beer for your snifter: Seclusion IPA

The Weizen Glass

Curvy and beautiful, the weizen glass is ideal for wheat beers, though it’s also great for pilsners (if you don’t have a pilsner glass nearby, of course). And since we’re in the business of crafting delicious gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers, we take advantage of this beautiful glass for our other styles instead of wheat beers.

Its elegant shape has a sturdy base that is narrower than a pint glass and the overall shape is typically taller, too.

Like the snifter, the inward-curving top is well-served for trapping the aroma, as well as vibrantly displaying the beer’s head.

Ideal New Planet beer for your weizen: Blonde Ale

Of course, you don’t have to have the “right” glass for your beer. Some glasses enhance the natural flavors, aromas, and appearance of your favorite libations, but you don’t need the proper glassware to enjoy a cold one.

But there is something to be said for pouring your favorite New Planet beer into a crystal-clear glass, holding it up to the sunlight to admire its coloring, lifting it up to your nose to get a whiff of that hoppy goodness, and raising the glass to your lips for that first (and last) sip.

Can or glass, we hope you enjoy New Planet Beer however it works best for you!






DOORS: 7:00 PM / SHOW: 8:00 PM


$20.00 – $25.00



Breweries – 4 Noses Brewing, Asher Organic Brewing, Avery Brewing, Bakers’ Brewery, Bootstrap Brewing, Boulder Beer, Breckenridge Brewery, Colorado Cider Co., FATE Brewing, Holidaily Brewing Company, Left Hand Brewing, Lumpy Ridge, New Planet, Odell Brewing, ODD13 Brewery, Oskar Blues, Sanitas Brewing, Ska Brewing, Twisted Pine Brewing, Upslope Brewing, West Flanders Brewing, Wibby Brewing.

This year’s event benefits Environmental CenterGirls on RockInland Ocean MovementCan’d Aid.

All tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable following purchase.


The Expo is the biggest gluten free and allergen friendly event in the US

Whether you’re looking for specialty products that taste great or trying to learn how to cook and bake to meet your dietary needs, the Expo is the place to be!


April 21-22, 2018
10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Saturday the 21st
10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sunday the 22nd


National Western Complex-Expo Hall level 2
4655 Humbolt Street
Denver, CO 80216
Gluten Free Events NPB

Colorado is our home. It’s where we work, and it’s where we play. And the kicker?? Our work is fun…and we love it! As Coloradans, we hold a few things to be sacred, and when you live as close to the Rocky Mountains as we do, one of those sacred things is skiing. And snowboarding. When the flurries start to fly in October and November, we’re getting our skis and boards turned, our edges sharpened, and we’re plotting out our first tracks and last calls. In honor of all of those who love to ski and ride, we’ve put together the New Planet Spring Skiing Guide. Complete with best places to enjoy your aprés and lesser-known secrets of the resorts, this guide is your Spring Skiing best friend!

BYOM: Bring Your Own Meat


You read that right. Bring your own meat. As the days get a bit warmer and as spring storms continue to drop the fluffy white flakes, lunchtime on the slopes tend to be a bit more elaborate than the standard PB&J-on-the-lift that happens earlier in the season.

Tucked away high up on Vail mountain are some free gas-powered grills for guests to enjoy. Two such grills are located on Parker’s Deck, just below Buffalo’s Lodge at the top of Lifts 4, 5, and 11. Offering spectacular views of the Vail Valley, Parker’s Deck is the perfect place to take a longer lunch.

Whether you’re throwing on a few burgers and dogs or getting fancy with a steak that’s been marinating in your day pack since breakfast, these grills offer an excellent alternative to the pricey lodge meals and run-of-the-mill granola bars. Just be sure to bring your own utensils and clean up after yourself.

Arapahoe Basin

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate A-Basin’s laid back culture and top-tier terrain?



Okay we’re good. We love A-Basin. Typically the first mountain to open after the summer and the last one to close (it’s not unheard of to see skiers and riders Pond Skimming as late as the 4th of July), A-Basin as it is affectionately known, is home to the epic “Beach Day.”

For those of you unfamiliar with this, Beach Day is any day at A-Basin. A section of the parking lot always has a tailgate-like atmosphere: people breaking out camping grills, canopy shades, outrageous costumes, drinks, and dogs running around. Oh, and skis. People make the trek to A-Basin early to stake their claim on the coveted spots between the Exhibition lift and Pallavicini (aka “Palli’) lift. Even though the lifts don’t usually open until 8:30 or 9am, you’ll see die hards lining up as early as 6am or 6:30am to kickstart the grills, crack a few beermosas, and get in line for first tracks.

The atmosphere on any given Beach Day is spectacular and an absolute Must if you’ve never been.

Aprés Me!

After a day of skiing, nothing is as rewarding as taking off those stiff boots, throwing on your sneakers, and sharing a cold one or clinking cocktail glasses with friends. Sore legs are ignored as you lounge by an outdoor firepit or watch the game with your new best friends. Ski towns are excellent hosts and know how to treat their goggle-tanned brethren when it comes to aprés ski options.


The town of Breckenridge (Breck) is full of excellent restaurants and bars ready to cater to your every whim. One of our favorites is the Kenosha Steakhouse. With a great beer and cocktail list, their back patio is tough to beat on a warm spring day. Facing the mountain, keep your shades and beanie nearby, because this deck gets plenty of sunshine. Their nachos are killer and so are their steak cuts (duh).


When in Vail, there are plenty of places you can grab that post-run drink or three. Because it’s Vail, you can cozy up to a hot toddy at the Four Seasons or hit up the basement bar, The Georges, in the Vail Village. Another great spot in the Vail Village is the Red Lion. Easily spotted by its bright red umbrellas, this joint has everything you may need to sate your thirst and appetite after a great day on the slopes.


Small but mighty, Eldora Mountain is a quick 40 miles outside of Boulder, and it is the perfect place to take a few weekday runs before lunch. And whether you’re looking for a place to grab a beer during lunch or after a full day of skiing, look no further than the Timbers Tap Room. This cozy cabin feel has great beers, excellent bloody mary’s and isn’t huge, which gives it an intimate, comfortable vibe.

And even though Eldora is only a short drive from us in Boulder, it still feels like you’re “getting away.” That’s why our go-to beer when we’re skiing the slopes at Eldora is Seclusion IPA. Conveniently packed in cans, this smooth IPA is the perfect pairing for a day on the slopes.

Of course, Colorado is big and full of other mountains and haunts that we haven’t mentioned above…that’d take pages and pages! But we do hope that you find yourself somewhere up in the high country this spring, and if you’re not sure where to spend aprés, grab a six-pack of New Planet Beer and make your own aprés wherever you go. Drink and ski responsibly!

With 2017 tucked safely away, the New Planet Beer team is anxiously looking forward to what 2018 has in store. Maybe you’re still sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions (or not…we’re not judging) to do More of X or Less of Y, or whatever it may be. If so, keep it up!

We think 2018 will be a great year for gluten-free and gluten-reduced beer awareness. Why? Well, for starters, we love gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers, and secondly: We’ve compiled this Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free and Gluten-Reduced Beer! We hope that by educating, explaining, and imbibing, gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers will become more mainstream than ever before. We believe that the more people understand what’s in (and absent) from their beers, the better off they’ll be. So, let’s get started!

Gluten Free Pale Ale

Let’s begin with our Pale Ale. This classic beer with a contemporary recipe is bold and hoppy, offering rich citrus notes and a wonderfully distinct finish. Brewed with a combination of Cascade and Sterling hops, the New Planet Pale Ale also includes water (duh), millet, gluten-free oats, maize (non-gmo blue corn), Belgian candi syrup, Demerara sugar, and yeast.

Like several of our gluten-free beer options, the Pale Ale substitutes traditional grain with millet. If you’re not familiar with millet, it is a small, round grain (similar in size to quinoa) that is naturally gluten-free, and offers the many of the same flavor and texture profiles of more “traditional” grains used in brewing. The result? A killer Pale Ale of 5.3% that makes the most seasoned beer connoisseurs do a double-take and ask, “This is gluten-free??”

Gluten Free Blonde Ale

They say that blondes have more fun. We don’t know if that’s true, but we know our customers have more fun with our Blonde Ale than with others. And who can blame them? The Blonde Ale is refreshing, easy drinking, and well-balanced at 4.5% ABV and is gluten-free to boot. Perfect for lounging on a Colorado summer day or as a refreshing reward after a grueling bike ride up the Peak to Peak Highway, the Blonde Ale is your go-to for gluten-free unwinding.

Similar to the Pale Ale, the Blonde is brewed with millet, gluten-free oats, maize (non-gmo blue corn), hops and yeast. Pair it with pineapple grilled chicken or fish tacos to get a perfect complement of flavors!

Gluten Reduced Seclusion IPA

Has anyone ever told you to Take a hike? Kind of rude, right? Well, the joke’s on them…we live for hiking, and when we hit the trail, we make sure to pack a sixer of the portable and insanely drinkable Seclusion IPA. This IPA is hopped 4 times with a combination of Cascade, Sterling, and New Zealand hops to deliver a bold, unique IPA that satisfies the hop head in all of us.

Specifically crafted to remove gluten, the Seclusion IPA is a more “traditional” beer recipe that then undergoes our rigorous process to remove gluten. Does that process take out all of the gluten? The short answer is No. But the FDA has strict requirements about what constitutes a “gluten free” beer, and a beer that has less than 20 parts per million (PPM) of gluten is considered gluten free. And while “crafted to remove gluten” isn’t regulated by the FDA, New Planet Beer is proud that its gluten-reduction process has been tested non traceable at TTB test at 10 PPM. Wink wink… that means we are well below that benchmark. We’ll drink to that!

Gluten Reduced Tread Lightly Ale

Hi. Say hello to Tread Lightly Ale. Don’t be shy. Tread Lightly is approachable, well-balanced, and is ready to be your year-round go anywhere, do anything pal. This canned beauty is crisp with a citrusy hop character that clocks in at 20 IBUs and 4.9% alcohol by volume.

Like its IPA brother, Seclusion IPA, Tread Lightly Ale is artfully crafted to remove gluten, resulting in a beer that will leave you feeling refreshed without having to worry, “Is this beer going to wreak havoc on my gut?” And we like it that way. Try it with pan seared scallops with spinach and cannellini beans for a perfect combination of rich and refreshing.

At New Planet Beer, we hope that 2018 is filled with fun, adventure, and fond memories. After all, there are few things in life as fulfilling as sitting with friends or family after a day of exploring, enjoying a delicious beer, and reliving the day’s excitement. So, from the New Planet Team, we hope that 2018 is filled with “Cheers!” moments.

Well, here we are. Thanksgiving 2017 is in the history books. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday (what, no love for the rest of the week!?) broke all sorts of records, and the rest of the holidays are right around the corner!

For people who have Celiac or a gluten sensitivity, the holiday season can be extra stressful. After all, travelling, family gatherings, and holiday meals aren’t always conducive to a solid gluten free diet. This year, though, you don’t need to worry about any of that, because you’re going to plan ahead and include some tasty selections from New Planet Beer in your holiday plans! Whether you or someone you know has Celiac or a gluten sensitivity, taking along some New Planet Beer is sure to raise your holiday spirits.

So, while Grandpa overindulges on eggnog (not recommended), you and yours can sit back, relax, and responsibly enjoy one of our great beers, knowing that it won’t leave your gut in agony when Kris Kringle makes his way down your chimney.

New Planet: Gluten Free Beer

At New Planet, we take pride in crafting both gluten free and gluten-reduced ales. For our gluten free line, we’ve got something for everyone, and let’s be honest: a beer always sounds great.

Our flagship Blonde Ale is as delicious as it is approachable. Whether you’re new to craft beer or you’re well-versed in the difference between Sterling, Galaxy, and Cascade hops, the Blonde Ale is light and refreshing, while staying crisp and clear…and gluten free. Over the holidays, this beer, which is brewed with grain-alternative millet and blue corn, pairs best with lighter foods, like white meat turkey, fish, and cheese.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more robust this holiday season, give the New Planet Pale Ale a whirl. A multiple gold medal winner (and not just in a gluten free category), this beer has a killer hop profile courtesy of the Sterling and Cascade hops, and when paired with some smokey foods like steak or ribs, the bitterness balances out the smokey for a party for your tastebuds.

New Planet: Gluten Reduced Beer

For you hop heads out there, New Planet’s Seclusion IPA is bold and begging to be imbibed this holiday season. Brewed with grains and then specially treated to remove gluten, Seclusion IPA is great whether you’re reducing gluten in your diet or just love a solidly brewed beer. If your holidays are warm like Colorado’s sometime are, hit the trail with this canned brew and enjoy the fresh air. Or, if your in-laws are visiting and you just need some “you” time, the aptly-named Seclusion IPA will keep you company while Aunt Mildred finds someone else to massage her feet.

When it is time to unwind and kick back, crack open the gluten reduced, awesomely drinkable Tread Lightly Ale. Easy drinking and supremely refreshing, this year-round staple delights around the holidays. It has an approachable ABV of 4.9% and just enough of a hop character to satisfy the “I only drink IPAs” guy while being inviting enough for those who are new to the wonderful world of beer. Perfect for an apres ski or night by the fire, wherever you find yourself this holiday season, don’t leave home without a six pack of these delightful cans.

As 2017 comes to a close, the team at New Planet Beer has so much to be thankful for this year. Namely, you, our customer and and good health and happiness. So, whether you’re traveling this holiday season or find yourself at home, we send you our warmest wishes for the same: health, happiness, and a wonderful holiday and New Year.


We know! We know! You still probably have leftover Halloween candy in the house, and here we are at New Planet Beer, already talking about Thanksgiving! But we’re doing it for you! If you’re anything like us, the holidays seem so far away and then BAM! your mother-in-law is ringing the doorbell with her “World Famous” fruitcake.

Take it from us: It is never too early to start planning for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday for folks with Celiac or who have a gluten sensitivity. There is so much excitement around classic family dishes and traditional staples that it is easy to forget that a friend or loved one might have a sensitivity or allergy. So, be the favorite person at the Thanksgiving Table this year, and follow the New Planet Beer guide to a gluten-aware meal!

Let’s Get it Started

Thanksgiving is a time to surround yourself with family and friends. Hopefully, you can spend the holiday with people you love. And if you’re travelling, well, we hope it is quick and painless! And if you’re the one doing the hosting this year, make sure that your road-weary travellers are taken care of when they step into your home!

For Thanksgiving, this means appetizers. Before you stuff yourself with turkey and pumpkin pie, get your guests primed and ready to go with some amazing apps. One of our personal favorites is shrimp cocktail. Not only is it delicious (because, shrimp!) but it is also a gluten-free solution that everyone can love. Pair it with a tasty cocktail dipping sauce and a spritz of lemon, and it’ll be gone before you know it.

Another great gluten-free Turkey Day appetizer is bacon-wrapped potatoes. Using small potatoes (think fingerling or golden potatoes), wrap them in a slice of bacon and bake until the potatoes are soft and the bacon is done. For the full recipe and cooking instructions, click here.

Side Dishes to Wow

Is it just us or should there be specialized “oversized plates” for Thanksgiving? After all, by the time the turkey comes around the table, you’re lucky if you can squeeze any on your plate with the abundance of amazing side dishes.

Here’s a side dish idea that is on the lighter side, which everyone will appreciate in between bites of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Arugula salad with peach and avocado. This one is simple, and the beauty of it is that not only is it gluten free, but it doesn’t require the stovetop or oven, which means you don’t need to sweat over a hot stove to make this delicious dish.

Take 2-3 ripe peaches and (optionally) remove the skin. Slice them up into crescents and set them aside. Next, take 1-2 ripe avocados and slice them into crescents, as well. Set aside. Slice one red onion into thin slivers, and also set aside. In a large bowl, add your arugula. Then, toss all ingredients together in the bowl with a light dressing (try olive oil, cracked pepper, and lemon juice for a light, refreshing dressing). This simple salad will be a hit and leave everyone feeling a little less full (maybe).

Imbibing and Feasting

Before we make it to the main course (the bird), chances are there will be plenty of wine, spirits, and beer at your Thanksgiving table. The words “Eat, drink, and be merry” come to mind! New Planet Beer is proud to be a staple at many Thanksgiving feasts, and the good news is that our gluten free and gluten-reduced beers pair great with a variety of dishes and meats.

Even if you aren’t Celiac or don’t have a gluten sensitivity, it is always nice to have a non-gluten beer on hand in case any of your guests are. They’ll be happy that they aren’t “left out” of the toasts, and it will make your event that much more seamless. Pick up our popular Pale Ale or Blonde Ale.

The Bird is the Word

Okay…now that you’ve got a New Planet Beer in hand at the table, it’s time to talk turkey!

Thankfully (pun very, very much intended), turkey is by its very nature gluten free. But depending on how you prepare it, you may introduce gluten to the mix. We’re huge fans of this recipe from the folks over at Food & Wine. Its straightforward (meaning you probably have most of the spices already, and the other ingredients are easily picked up at the supermarket), and it leaves the turkey with a just-crispy-enough skin and a tender, juicy inside.

It only takes about 4 hours, which includes time to let the meat rest, and needs just occasional basting. While that beauty is roasting, chow down on those appetizers, catch up with loved ones, enjoy the extra days off from work, and soak it all in.

No matter where you find yourself this Thanksgiving, we hope you have a wonderful holiday.

At New Planet Beer, we are truly thankful to have such a wonderful community of people who enjoy good beer and good company. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for joining us as we do what we love!