Gluten Free Hangover Cures for St. Patrick’s Day

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Break out the green beer and that “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt—St. Patrick’s Day is only 10 days away! If you wake up on March 18th with a St. Patty’s hangover, what’s the first thing you should reach for? We know how hard it is to find gluten free hangover cures and meals, which is why we came up with a list of our favorites.

If you’re someone who craves a spicy, filling meal when you wake up after a night of partying, whip up a Mexican omelette with a side of black beans and gluten-free toast. This trifecta is packed with protein and carbs that will instantly cure that rumbling in your stomach.

For more traditional, greasy breakfast options, reach for a slice of leftover gluten free pizza or a gluten free ham, egg and cheese muffin.

Did you wake up feeling a bit nauseous? Tame your tummy with a bland meal of gluten free crackers or cereal. For a hot meal that will settle your stomach, try a bowl of quinoa or brown rice.

Looking for a healthier alternative that will give you the boost you need to start your day? That lethargic feeling is a result of low blood sugar, so kick it to the curb by blending together some fresh fruit, milk and ice for a delicious fruit smoothie!

We know this goes without saying, but the best way to cure your hangover is to rehydrate, so make sure your drinking plenty of water and Gatorade to help replenish those electrolytes.

What’s your favorite gluten-free hangover cure? Tell us below!