Kick the Gluten-Free Stereotypes


No gluten doesn’t mean bad tasting beer.

Recently, gluten free blogger, Pete Bronski of No Gluten No Problem did a blind taste testing of New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale against barley-based strongly hopped beers. The results revelved that the ‘taste testers’, regardless of their gluten intolerance, picked Off Grid Ale over more traditional beers.  –

Additionally, in April Bronski held a similar blind beer tasting pitting Bard’s Gluten-Free Lager against other barley-based lagers – The summary of both taste tests is that on the matter of taste, the gluten free beers held their own and were even ranked higher than barely-based beers. As Pete says, perhaps we can finally put the stereotypes that a barley-based beer is “superior” to a gluten free beer aside once and for all.

Cheers to gluten-free beer!