Be Free of Gluten: Tips From Pedro

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, Founder of New Planet Beer, Pedro Gonzalez, shares his tips for a speedy recovery from gluten overload. Share these tips with someone who has been newly diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity or with someone who could benefit from knowing what it means to live gluten-free. Please share additional tips in the comment field.

10 Tips to a Speedy Recovery:

  1. Keep your gluten-free diet simple and healthy… bring it down to the basics. You’ll lose weight and feel better faster.
  2. Read the ingredients of everything before eating it. Soon you’ll know what’s safe and what isn’t. Even if a product says ‘gluten-free’ doesn’t always mean it’s 100% gluten-free. Read carefully.
  3. When dining out …dine at restaurants that are known for great customer service. They’ll go out of their way to get an answer on any kind of dietary restriction.
  4. When dining out on a budget… if you are a meat eater go to a steak house which can provide you with well cooked meats, potatoes and a salad. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan go to a Thai restaurant or a healthy salad bar.
  5. When traveling by plane pack ahead because there’s a greater risk of being exposed to gluten. Fresh cut carrots, celery and Justin’s peanut butter packs make good traveling snacks. Kind bars and Lara bars are great too. Did you know that most peanuts provided by the airliners are coated with wheat and sugar? Read the ingredients next time they land on your tray table!
  6. If traveling away from your hometown research the restaurants that you want to try ahead of time. Also, don’t be shy about bringing snacks along with you.
  7. Eat less…drink more water, which is good for everyone. A New Planet Beer is safe to drink too, we test every batch!
  8. Cheating on gluten does not work. For most of us a 1 part per million dose of gluten is enough for a reaction. It’s not worth the risk. It will set you back, so stay the course.
  9. Incorporate probiotics and plenty of flax seed with breakfast. This will provide healthy bacteria and fiber to your digestive track.
  10. Exercise as soon as you get over any fatigue…it will help get you stronger. Strength builds strength!

There are a number of Celiac groups out there, look up your local chapter and start connecting with people in your community. You’ll be surprised how many people have gluten sensitivities and what great advice they have to share. Just like anything new, it takes time to get adjusted, so stay as positive as possible and enjoy the benefits of good health.